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From Kansas to Colorado to Oklahoma!

Well to say we here at Shotem and Caughtem have been busy the last couple years is an understatement.  I moved from my home since Colorado for a couple years and now to Oklahoma.  It has been interesting to say the least and I now have the experience of finding out what other states are like to hut and fish.  Even though we were still based in the Midwest through these many moves the contrast between what is available to hunters and fisherman could not be more diverse.  Also we would like to address what has been making headlines when it comes to the decline of hunting and fishing.  There have been a lot of great articles lately on the subject but we would also like to add they missed one big reason we think it is happening.  As always we would love to here your views on the subject.  Here are a couple of the articles we have been seeing all lends to a good read as to some options to help lessen the decline.

Dove Season Baby!

Yes our absolute favorite time of the year is quickly approaching.  Dove season has to be one of our most favorite hunts of the year.  High bag limits and just the overall fun of the hunt makes this one of our most exciting times of the year.  Barring an early cool front to hit our favorite spot we have had the opportunity over the past decade to hunt an outstanding set up when it comes to environment for great dove hunting.  Hopefully some of these key factors will help you find a great spot to hunt these delicious and probably one of the more exciting animals to hunt in our opinion this year.  Favorable weather, in the right spot a large amount of activity during peak hours and the lack f needing to be quiet with your hunting buddies in the field make this a hunt not to miss.

Key Hunting property for Dove

We feel there are four main factors that a perfect dove hunting spot should have in a close proximity to your set up. 

  1. Food
  2. Shelter
  3. Water
  4. Gravel/Sand

Main food sources for dove come in small packages.  Millet, wheat, milo, and sunflowers are probably the top seeds we have seen when harvesting dove.

Shelter in the form of dead branches are the doves favorite roosting place.  If you have ever as we call it "seen someone out planting dead trees", there is a reason.  Dove love them.  We plant dead trees close to our favorite spots in order to not only provide a spot for the dove to rest but a great place for our non moving decoys. 

Water is also needed but not just any pond or watershed will do the trick.  Dove need a pot to be able to land and then walk to a shallow watering hole.  Which means if it rains a good amount a couple days before your hunt....hunting by a water spot will not yield good traffic.  On a dry year it will be the ultimate honey hole for dove.

Lastly is sand or gravel to help digest their meal.  Early evenings and mid mornings the dove will flock to dirt roads, graveled roads etc to find their much needed digestion morsel.  If traffic by your food source and water source is slow during the day I bet if you take a drive you see dove hanging out by the roads.

Once you have harvested your dove we hope you check out this awesome dove recipe as well as post your photos and share your stories with us!


Shotem and Caughtem has moved to a different State

Well as many of our members can only imagine we have been a little more than off the radar.  For more than the last eight months we have been in the process of moving from the great state of Kansas to Colorado.  Needless to say it has been quite the education process.  Not only are the hunting rules and regulations much different in our new home state but so are the fishing laws.  Many of the hunter and anglers I have met in our new home town actually travel out of the state to do what we love.  Though there are many who love what Colorado has to offer many feel there are better opportunities and much more flexibility in surrounding states when it comes to opportunities. 

Funny video discussing my old ways of fishing compared to my new surroundings......  Hank Patterson explains fly fishing to bait fisherman

Hunting in Colorado

I was to say the least excited to have the opportunity to hunt as a resident in another state.  Much of the non resident fees steered me away from taking on another species hunt in a different sate.  My excitement for the opportunity to hunt a species like antelope allowed me the excuse to add another rifle to my safe as a matter of fact.  To my disappointment once I had arrived in my new state I learned that rifle season for antelope was a very short 6 days long.  The chances of me pulling a tag in a good area for antelope might take me four to five years to obtain through the Colorado pronghorn lottery system.  Though I will always have the ability to go back to hunt my home state where the regulations when it comes to hunting and fishing and much more opportunistic for a passionate outdoors person, the lack of being able to take advantage of the reduced hunting rates as a Colorado resident does make me a little disappointed to say the least.

However, I can say that the amount of land open to Coloradans is more than impressive.  The ability for anyone to have access to so much open country does make up for its lack of hunting and angling opportunities.  Though I have only been able to explore a few of the national parks that Colorado has to offer I can say you will not find a better climate or access to some breathe taking country.

I will have more than enough stories to share an my new adventures and as always we hope you post pics of your adventures on our site.  We again apologize for our lack of communication and hope you return often now that we are back and running.....


Pre Rut Doe Hunting available in many States Across the US

Kansas Pre Rut hunting does not last long.  Many states are allowing a very short time frame in order to allow hunters a chance to get a doe in the freezer months prior to hunting for their buck.  For two days Oct 8th and 9th hunters will begin to take to the fields to find their prize.  

Pre Rut Doe Tactics

Prior to the rut many does are still traveling in packs.  Where their is one, you will probably find many.  This increases not only your chance to load your freezer but select which doe might be best to pull from the herd.  If you are hunting an area you return to year after year, taking certain does from the herd will increase not only your chances of not only create a better herd but increasing the competition for the larger more mature bucks.  It has been shown when their is an increase in the competition for does, larger bucks tend to compete for those select herds.

Due to the fact that the does have not been harassed prior to the rut they tend to be more calm than during the rut.  Though care still needs to be taken due to their inherent nature they tend to look out for one another.  Once you have select the doe you would like to shoot take care to be as stealthy as possible so that if the herd is not totally spooked you might get another look at your second doe choice. 

Good luck, stay safe and as always post your hunts to the photo wall once you have collected your hunting prize.


Our Social Network was Hacked

As many of you have probably been wondering our site was hacked recently and has caused us to pull down the social networking part of Shotem and Caughtem.  We are working feverishly to resolve the issue.  It is going to require some extensive updates and we will let you know as soon as all the problems the hackers caused us are fixed so that you can go back to sharing your outdoor adventures.

Thanks for your patience...

Shotem and Caughtem Staff

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