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04 Oct

Hunting and Fishing Socail Network Back Online

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From Kansas to Colorado to Oklahoma!

Well to say we here at Shotem and Caughtem have been busy the last couple years is an understatement.  I moved from my home since Colorado for a couple years and now to Oklahoma.  It has been interesting to say the least and I now have the experience of finding out what other states are like to hut and fish.  Even though we were still based in the Midwest through these many moves the contrast between what is available to hunters and fisherman could not be more diverse.  Also we would like to address what has been making headlines when it comes to the decline of hunting and fishing.  There have been a lot of great articles lately on the subject but we would also like to add they missed one big reason we think it is happening.  As always we would love to here your views on the subject.  Here are a couple of the articles we have been seeing all lends to a good read as to some options to help lessen the decline.


Decline of Hunting and Fishing

We think Outdoor News did the best of highlighting what we feel is the main reason for the decline.  In Kansas and Oklahoma I feel the largest decline has come in the amount of places to hunt and fish.  Due to the advent of the hunting lease many of the farm ponds and land me and my friends could hunt and fish for a case of beer, some steaks and maybe a little labor when needed on the ranch or farm has been replaced with steadily increasing lease agreements.  As the price to acquire acreage continues to increase so does the lease payment.  I have seen hunting leases that range from a couple thousand dollars for the year to the tens of thousands of dollars.  Add in tags, fuel, food plots, food etc. and what was once a couple hundred dollars to get more meat than you could pack a freezer with actually makes a side of beef look cheaper.  In fact once you do the math it is much cheaper. 

In Colorado it is the same story but worse.  In order to get the best elk, pronghorn and mule deer spots you might pay 10 years worth of preference points before even getting the chance to hunt.  And most of the fishing is catch and release.  So that makes it hard to enjoy or warrant the fees. 

Glad to be back online

We apologize for being down so long and hope you accept our apologies.  We have some fun in store for you with some great hunting and fishing ideas to help us get our numbers back up and help conserve more ground.