Shotem Braggin Wall


by Oliver . Updated: 4 years ago

All set!
A slow start but a nice haul
A great dog
Awesome coloring
Early Morning
All the group
High Score!
Our trip North of Chama New Mexico I highly recommend the trip if you ever get the chance........
That's a hog!
Saw this on the internet and thought it was so funny others needed to
fun day hunting with my dad and my oldest son
I want to start a new blog called wish I could shoot em.. check out this pic of five monster mullets in my dads back yard. Would love to see everyone else's wish I could a pics.
My Kids and a fun day!
Buddy shot these this last weekend in Texas
2012 Kansas Whitetail!
2012 Kansas Archery Deer
One cold moring of 2013 season!
A South Texas cull I got with my bow this January 2013.
A Wigeon from this January. It was the last day of duck season and super slow.
My 182 pound boar from 2011. I love hunting wild hogs!!
My very first hog taken with a bow (176lbs)It started the appeal of the squeal!! <br />
A nice eater boar! 90 lbs of pork taken with my Mathews DXT in 2011.
A 60 pound boar I took while nightstalking pigs in central Texas in Nov 2012.
A smaller piglet taken with my Mathews DXT while nightstalking in central Texas.
In the arctic circle hunting with my dad! 1st Caribou!
Fawn killer down in Washington
Washington state black bear, spot-and-stalk on public land. This bad boy weighed over 300 pounds.
First coyote of 2013
Another Washington coyote
2012 Idaho Whitetail
A few of my trophies
Cold Nebraska morning and my second archery buck
Hog hunt. The same day as the ram. Northern oklahoma
My 2 birds from spring turkey season 2012! 10 inch beard on the Tom and a 4 inch beard with 2 little beard behind it on the jake! No luck in 2013 tho :(
First bird of 2013. 21lb, 9 1/2 beard, 1 1/4 spurs. Awesome hunt!
2012 Ohio Buck
Axis doe. Before you comment please know we have a lot of exotics in Texas. Axis deer carry a spotted cape through adulthood and in this one's case, on to the afterlife.
221 lb boar with my AR; running and gunning TX style!
My 221 lb boar - some reason I always get the mean ones with at least one broken cutter!
Another 125 lb boar from my trip to South Texas. Running & gunning at night!
I just started deer hunting last fall. I had never shot anything bigger than a .38 but opening weekend of shotgun season I got my first buck with a gun I had never shot and at 120 yds. I was pretty happy to say the least. Now I have the fever! My boyfriend did a great job teaching me the dos and don'ts of hunting. Can't wait til deer season :)
This is my son's Royal Palm turkey he killed this year. 2 yrs, old 12" beard. I've never saw a turkey like this
My Giraffe Bull, taken with a 375. November 2012
Blue Wildebeest Bull. Taken with a 308. April 2012
Porcupine taken with a shotgun. 2011. At Maroi Conservancy.
My very first hunt! Impala taken at Maroi Conservancy many years ago!
Guinea Fowl hunting this weekend at Maroi Conservancy
2007* 4 pt Cull Buck – Savage 25-06
*2009* 9 pt management buck - Deep South Texas - Savage 25-06.
First doe with a bow! *2007* Mathews DXT, central TX from a last second homemade ground blind (a chair I brushed in with cedar haha!)
Another pic of the polka dot pig. 184lbs - 2012. Great fatty pig-lots of domestic in him. Great eater! Mmm bacon!!<br />Mathews DXT
150 lb boar, South Texas, Mathews Jewel, Completely Solo Hunt!
2013 Opening Weekend of Dove Season - Got our limit - Central TX
Female Lion, Hunter: Tim, PH: Myself and Julious. What an amaizing, scary, exciting hunt! If you were wondering about all the shots; she attacked us! Very scary but the best hunt so far!
Male Lion, it was an honour to be a part of this life changing hunt with our American friends! See you again next year!
Shotem... to the max!
Buffalo hunt in 2011 with Maroi Conservancy
John shot this bull near Cuba New Mexico last Sunday
Porcupine control at Maroi Conservancy...
Impala taken in the Zambezi Valley a few years ago! 400km into the bush, nothing but untouched wilderness for miles! 14 days with nothing but guns, tents and camp fires! We had to battle charging buffalo and elephants, also malaria and tsetse flies!
Me and my three good friends were all fortunate to tag out this season we are really blessed to have this opportunity.
Hi to all at shotem and caughtem from Maroi Conservancy in South Africa! Loving my cap! Ended the day on a mountain looking over the Limpopo River! Happy hunting!
Keep calm and hunt on! Sun downers on a small mountain overlooking the Limpopo River at Maroi Conservancy!
It was on the internet so it must be true.
Wish I had been the one to take down this monster close to Arlington, Ks.
My 2013 buck
Wright and I with our 2013 bucks!  Wright and his wife Beth traveled all the way from New York state to hunt with us.  Fun times!
buck down by 08:00 on opening day.
Blue Wildebeest taken at Maroi Conservancy. 6 hours of walking stalking and tracking! What a life! #ThisIsAfrica
Little Mans first goose hunt!
Missed this seen this year..... :(
First duck hunt with our new pup
My first buck taken with a bow
Excellent Leopard taken by Peter at Maroi Conservancy! Well done!!
Hunting Kudu at Maroi Conservancy with Camilla from Denmark
Had a great day Fix hunting Yesterday! Took a young man on his first hunt for Fix. It was successful!
2011 Wyoming Antelope
2008 Wyoming cow tag
2010 Wyoming Antelope
Getting excited!  It's almost that time of year!
2013 WI archery buck
spring yote
august yote
2012 WI public land boar...17 7/8"
My Blesbuck taken yesterday afternoon. What a great hunt! I crawled on my hands and knees through tall grass to get closer. A whole new thing for me! Walk, stalk and crawl hunting at it's best! What an amazing ladies hunting weekend!
Awesome hunt!
Finally after four years I landed a bird.  It also happened to be the biggest of the group!
Check out this beauty killed in Eastern KY this morning. Comes in with a 12 inch beard and 1 1/2 inch spurs!
10 pointer I shot last year
This amazing bull fed over 50 locals, and brought in about 10k for the people, hunting agencies and for the country of Zimbabwe. What a great hunt, incredible experience, and a beautiful animal.
Mojo brings them in every time