Through the Lens's Photos


by Chauncey . Updated: 1 year ago

Needed a little outdoor therapy
Nothing better than a morning fishing trip
Caught these two today cute little one with mom
Busy weekend deer feeder up check
Shooting lane set for this weekend
A million doe and button buck photos and then I hit the big one
Excited about the buck we saw but this always makes a hunter loaders stealing my deer corn
I should really consider adding pistol hunting to my resumé.
Mornings like this make me want to be in the field nothing more beautiful
Couple of young ones fighting over who gets the mineral block first :)
Found some fall Turkeys coming into the feeder now! Might be a fresh bird on the Thanksgiving table.
Got him coming back to the feeder this time in the daylight!
This is my buck alive
Looks like My Big one made it through the season.  Have to wait till next year :(
Well.......Guess there is a new player in the field......Hope he shows back up next year!
Its no wonder I am having problems getting quail on my property!
Proof you get a ton of meat from an elk when it requires two coolers the width of a truck bed
70 degrees today capped off with a beautiful sunset
While my husband and I were deer hunting a few years ago we came across a herd of elk. They crossed a fence 30 yards in front of us and this beautiful bull was bringing up the rear. This was taken in the south hills just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho.
looking like it was going to be a productive day
no deer this morning but they are coming to the feeder
monsters are haunting me by camera. ...
party at the feeder
so cool
getting bigger
Deer camp is already getting me excited