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Saturday, 26 January 2013 21:03

Safari Club International Convention

Toady marks the opening day of the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, NV.  Jan 23-26 visitors will be able to increase their knowledge on the costs and benefits of going on a wide variety of safari hunts around the world.  Whether you have the need to travel to Africa to hunt or to the Amazon to fish this is the place to acquire all the information you need to have a successful trip.  Though we will warn you that many of these trips can cost in excess of tens of thousands of dollars, you might just take it as an experience of a lifetime.  We hope that if you have had the opportunity to travel abroad to hunt or fish that you might show us some of your photos and help us start a dialogue with our members about the ups and downs of a safari hunt.  To learn more about the convention visit www.showsci.org.


Friday, 25 January 2013 22:51

NSSF Shot Show vs Reed Exhibitions

After attending the Shot Show we found out about the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show.  We at shotemandcaughtem found through the NSSF that this stuff was going on and thought we would pass along the information in case our members had not heard the news.

Per the NSSF:

We have just learned that Reed Exhibitions has decided to postpone the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.

In the days following Reed Exhibitions’ announcement that modern sporting rifles would be prohibited from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, the leadership of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has been in intense, frank discussions with Reed Exhibitions management in an effort to reverse this unacceptable decision. These discussions reached an impasse.

NSSF is in no way affiliated with, nor does it participate in or exhibit at this show in any way. Reed Exhibitions does, however, manage the NSSF-owned SHOT Show (though Reed manages the SHOT Show, all SHOT Show decisions, policies and actions are made at NSSF’s direction).

Because of Reed’s recent actions, NSSF is considering all options regarding the management of future SHOT Shows.

They along with a large amount of sponsors will not be attending the Show which happened to be this weekend and has now been postponed due to the outcry. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013 23:25

Kansas Fall Turkey Season

The 2012-2013 fall turkey season is coming to a close, but not before Kansas hunters get one last chance to bag their late-season bird. From Jan. 14-31, hunters will have the opportunity to hunt turkey once more in any of the five open units. The next opportunity to hunt Kansas turkey won’t come again until the beginning of April, so it’s time to hit the blind one last time!

Fall permit holders can hunt Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 for fall turkey and may only hunt within the management unit printed on their permits. In addition, hunters must have a Kansas hunting license, unless exempt by law. Any hunter with a fall turkey permit can purchase as many as three turkey game tags during the fall season, valid in Units 2, 3, 5 and 6. During the fall season, both toms and hens may be taken.

The 2013 spring turkey season will begin with the archery, youth/disabled season, April 1-9, and the firearm season will run April 10 - May 31.  This happens to be the time of year when we at shotemandcaughtem love to break out our decoys and start calling in the big boys.  Even though we saw plenty of turkey this fall......when they were not in season we have not got to shoot one this fall so show us what you were able to do this fall on our shotem gallery!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013 21:55

Skull Hooker Trophy Mounts

While touring the Shot Show in Vegas we came across a neat way to dress up your European mounts.   It also gives you the capability of swapping skulls out should you not have enough room to display all the mounts you might have to showcase.  A company called Skull Hooker has come up with a wall mount that not only compliments your mount in its design but since you do not need to anchor your skull to the mount it allows you to swap out mounts when your room needs a change.  These stylish euro skull brackets are powder coated with two colors to choose from (black and rustic brown) and are fully adjustable (up and down) to accommodate different species' horns or antlers and more importantly providing a natural upright look. The Skull Hooker comes in two different sizes and has a starting price of 34.99 for their Little Hooker and 59.99 for the Big Hooker.  To find out more or to order one go to www.skullhooker.com.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:10

Kimber 45 ACP

We at ShotemandCaughtem make sure that we carry a trusted sidearm when out in the field hunting.  Whether we are hunting dove or large game you never know what you might run into when you're out in the field and sometimes a close range weapon can be your best line of defense.  We tend to be a little old school in our outlook and find that the 1911 makes for an ideal platform.  Though limited on the number of bullets in the magazine compared to other platforms, we have found that it's style and versatility makes it a great choice.  Whether across the chest, behind the back or on your side the classic, sleek and elegant look of a 1911 really goes unmatched.  We have found for the money that you can never go wrong choosing a Kimber. We also tend to prefer the 45 ACP round over others for its knockdown power.  Whether it's a skunk in your path or you stumble across something with a bit more bite, the 45 can change it's attitude.  

As for the refinements on the Kimber they go unmatched for the money.  Though it has all the standards of a 1911, Kimber adds custom finishes that make it a great gun to carry and shoot.  Rounded edges all the way around the 1911 as well as the sights prevent snags when you need to access the weapon quickly.  Most of the Kimber line comes with night sights from the factory, a rough grip on both the fore grip and rear of the handle and a beefed up coating process on several lines preventing wear.

For 2013, at the Shot Show, Kimber added 3 new pistols to the line.  The Micro Carry Stainless, Warrior SOC, and the one we wish we could add to our arsenal as soon as possible the Master Carry Pro.  The Master Carry Pro adds all the highlights that came with the Covert series but comes with a high end finish suitable for carrying that would look awesome next to your side whether in the field or in a tuxedo.  To learn more about Kimber visit www.kimberamerica.com.   

Monday, 21 January 2013 23:28

Tracking Point Precision Guided Firearm

Though we at ShotemandCaughtem might consider this technical advancement in hunting to be cheating, when we saw this rifle at the 2013 Shot Show we felt it was worth noting.  Though this system would be out of many hunters price range, it's still cool.  At a starting price around 27,000 dollars the .338 caliber Lapua Magnum Tacking point rifle system is quite the technological beast.  The weapon system will allow you to lace the target, track it's movement, and will provide you with a perfect kill shot from which you can line up your scope.  The system will also record the entire event as well as capture stills so that you can then post them to any social application.  The rifle is rated to help you make the perfect shot from 1200 yards away.  The software in the weapon system will actually do all the calculations for you on the fly so that the only thing you have to concentrate on is getting rid of your buck fever, controlling your breathing and not pulling your shot once you have locked in on your target.  That way when you try to blame the gun for missing the shot your buddies can remind you through photographic and video evidence that it was just the shooter.  The one thing we at ShotemandCaughtem could imagine doing with this rifle is using it to call out all those who said they have made 1000 yard shots but unfortunately there was no one there to verify the shot or that it was actually that far out.  Though we got to see the rifle in action on the video screen setup that was in the booth, we would love to get comments from those that have had the opportunity to shoot this rifle system in the field.  If you would like to learn more you can information from the companies website at www.tracking-point.com
Friday, 18 January 2013 17:19

Day 3 at the Shot Show

Day 3 at the Las Vegas Shot Show seemed to be the day of celebrity appearances.  We at ShotemandCaughtem got to meet some of our fellow hunters and fisherman and we were not disappointed.  As seen in the photo we were pleasantly surprised to get to shake the hand of Jacob and Troy Landry (Swamp People).  We gave them some swag and even got them to crack a smile when I told them though it was not Chootem it was Shotem, we thought they would enjoy the website.  Willy Robertson from another one of our favorite shows Duck Commander was at the show as well.  Though our conversation was brief we hope he too will wear our shirt with pride as he and his family seem to love the great outdoors as much as ShotemandCaughtem.  Jim Shockey and his daughter also got some of our swag, we hope they too along with their clients, come to the site to show off some of their adventures from their guided hunts.  And finally we got to shake the hands of the men from The Bone Collector.  Micheal Waddell, Travis Turner and especially Nick Mundt seemed excited to come and visit the site to brag about their trials and tribulations.  Even though we did not get the opportunity to introduce ourselves to Ted Nuggent we hope that he too comes to share his glory.  We are still trying to update ourselves on the great products we saw at the Shot Show so stay tuned for some great product reviews. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013 04:22

Day 2 2013 Shot Show

Day 2 at the Las Vegas Shot Show was just as amazing as the first.  All we can say is that we did not realize there was some much that went into this industry.  The host of different products has created quite a vast array of things to choose from.  Whether you have a taste for the plain or the exotic it is all present.  We took this photo just to give you a taste of what the show looks like and this is merely a small corner of what is here.  We have grabbed a pile of brochures and literature and once we get a chance to sort through it all we will inform you as to what we took away as highlights from the show.  If you have any pressing questions please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:48

Shotem and Caughtem at the 2013 Shot Show

Well its the first time we at Shotem and Caughtem have invaded the Shot Show which started today.  We can honestly say we are speechless and exhausted.  What a community.  The entire industry seems to have some kind of a presence here.  We are lucky that we have spent much of our disposable income trying to make this website.  There are more things here we would love to own than we could ever afford.  A veritable gold mine of all things gun related is the best way we can describe the show.  We have met some great people and seen some awesome products already in the first day and can't wait to meet and see even more tomorrow.  As of right now the list is too long to mention even some of the great products we have already seen here at the show.  If you have never attended this convention and have a love for hunting, guns, etal, like we do, we highly recommend wearing some comfortable shoes and please make sure you prepare your eyes and mind for an overload.  Come back to the site often as we have already a massed a substantial amount of products we can't wait to share with you.  For more information on the Shot Show visit www.shotshow.org.


Friday, 11 January 2013 22:21

Stack-On Tactical Gun Safe

With security being a top priority for the responsible gun owner, Stack-On Products is releasing a new set of safes at this year's Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2013 and we at ShotemandCaughtem.com got to see them first.  We got to see two of the products in the Tactical Security product line which included a 16 gun steel cabinet and a beefed up 20 gun fireproof safe (photos).  Both the safe and the cabinet include flat black tread plate and silver accent panels riveted to the front of the doors for a cool body armor look.

The 16 gun steel cabinet has a modified interior with three bays.  The center bay is set up for two tactical rifles.  It will also hold either 5 shelves with foam padding or up to 14 long guns on the left and right bays of the interior.  The tactical center bay also comes with a foam pad to help keep top heavy tactical rifles from moving around.  The barrel rests for the tactical rifles are extended and you can adjust to the height location of the rest to meet the dimensions of your tactical guns.  More importantly, for security the box welded steel cabinet has both a two position rod and paddle door locking mechanism with key access to make the cabinet secure. The cabinet comes with the appropriate screws and anchors to help bolt the cabinet to a wall or to the floor in order to secure the cabinet.

The 20 gun fireproof safe also has three bays.  The center bay will hold up to four tactical rifles and has enough room to position a shelf either below or above your rifles adding additional storage for ammo cans in the center bay.  The right and left bays can hold shelving or up to 16 rifles or shotguns.  As with most of Stack-On’s new product line, this safe comes with a nice door storage addition.  The door allows you to store handguns, magazines, and pouches for other items to help improve storing your gear. As is the case with the 16 gun model, the four tactical barrel rests have been extended and can be repositioned to the appropriate height for your rifle, limiting the need to modify your stock.  The foam pad for the base for tactical rifles also comes in the 20 gun safe and helps prevent the rifles from shifting.  

Stack-On as with most of its fireproof line, has lined the interior of the safe with a soft carpet material to aid in keeping your prized possessions from being banged around on the shelves or against the walls and partitions.  

The coolest addition to this safe is the back lit electronic key pad making the numbers easier to see in the dark.  As for security, the 20 gun safe is fireproof, has an electronic programmable key pad with 3 fixed bolts and 7 extra large locking bolts totaling 10 locking points.  The safe also comes with bolts and anchors to fix the safe to the floor providing added security. 

To learn more about these Tactical Security products or find another safe to your liking visit www.stack-on.com.

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