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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 18:42

War Veterans find Peace while Fishing

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We at Shotem and Caughtem have read the reports that Veterans coming home from the war are beginning to find piece through programs that take them fishing and we thought we would add our two cents.  We have also been reading the twitter feeds that have had a lot of people talking ethics behind the recreational sports of hunting and fishing.  We think these two issues are somewhat intertwined.

As most of us dedicated hunters and fisherman and woman have known all along, mother nature can provide some great therapy.  Whether sitting in a stand, blind, dock or boat, moments with friends, family or with one's own thoughts.  Add being surrounded by mother nature and this can allow people a way to escape/cope.  In a world of constant stimulus the sports can allow those of us the time to unplug and reset our minds and bodies.  Some choose yoga, excercise or a massage.  We choose the outdoors.  I can remember some of my best times being outdoors.  Just last week I sat alone with my thoughts.  It gave me a chance to unwind.  After a little while with my thoughts I watched a couple of red tail hawks fight over territory, an armidillo tear up part of my field and a couple of turkey vultures play in the wind.  It gave me time to appreciate the things I have at my disposal.  The fact that I had a place to go and not think about work, my job, my family and all the stresses of life in general.  While watching those animals I realized that life can just be made simple.  Sure there are fights, things that could cause you to twist an ankle but at the end of the day a little time playing in the wind is all one needs.  I did not see or hear one turkey the entire day but I could not have left the field happier.  

I think this is what many find in these sports.  Many fail to realize the sports are not called shooting and catching.  Many a day is spent in the field or on the water to return with nothing but a smile.  Sure we run to these places in hopes we will return with that monster fish or trophy animal but most of the time we run to unwind and as a bonus we hope we get something to brag about.  This is why you will see many in the gallery with fish the size of minnows and a huge grin or a photo of hunters in their favorite gear, no dead animal but a grin on their face.  We always have a story even if we don't have an animal to go with it.  

These sports should be supported just like any other.  Respondsible hunters and fisherman/woman realize that inorder to have the outdoors we must respect and take respondsibility to make sure we have these places to go.  It is why we plant food plots, build ponds, plant tress and spend time off season creating habitats for all species.  We just love that therapy.  The fact we get to take a photo with a wall hanger is meerly a great bonus.  We at Shotem and Caughtem are pleased to hear our Veterans have found a way to unwind while enjoying the sports we hold dear.  We hope as the website continues to grow that we will be capable of connecting more and more people, those that want to learn more and the veterans of the sport that have so much to teach.  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and keep bragging about your own Shotem and Caughtem life in the photo galleries. 


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