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Friday, 17 May 2013 18:59

Save On Hunting and Fishing Gear With Buck Stone Creek

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We at Shotem and Caughtem love finding good deals when it comes to hunting and fishing gear.  Lucky for us we recently became aware of a site dedicated to our wants and needs and thought we would share our good fortune.  Buck Stone Creek is a website dedicated to flash sales of a host of hunting and fishing products.  Though you never know what the sales might include, they do work with an impressive amount of hunting and fishing gear providers.  They last for 3-4 days and after watching several sales can offer you anywhere between 10-40% off most comparable offers we were able to find on the world wide web.  As with many products it seems that the higher the retail value of the product the more they are able to save their members.  This is the catch with getting access to deals that they offer.  Membership is free for a limited time but you must provide your email address they can notify you of when sales become available.

Buck Stone Creek like us is fairly new to the scene but is dedicated to helping their members get great pricing and customer service.  They have worked with companies such as Bushnell, Pulsar, Wildgame Innovations, Carbon Express, Coyote Eye wear and Gorilla Gear to name just a few.  Their next flash sale will begin on Monday so we recommend you head over and become a member so that you can take advantage of the sale.  There is only a limited number of products available to sell at this price so if you see something you need take advantage quickly.  

We have given some helpful tips to Buck Stone Creek to share in their newsletter so let us know how you like them should you become a member.  Let us know if you have purchased something from Buck Stone Creek in the comment section below and post photos of your favorite gear in the gallery and tell us your story.