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Monday, 20 May 2013 19:24

Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma Map Lake Texoma Map

With Memorial Day weekend coming up which is the last weekend of Turkey season in Kansas we figured that many will grab their rods and reels and head to the lake.  This week we will be blogging about different lakes and giving a little fishing reports from lakes we feel people will be hitting here in the Midwest.  Though we don't want to leave out those to the east and west there are only four days to fit these reports into so we cheated this time and went with the lakes we know that are top fishing destinations here in the Midwest.  First we will look at the conditions that are predicted for Lake Texoma.  This lake sits close to the Texas and Oklahoma boarder and is known as one of the best lakes for striper fishing here in the Midwest.

Luckily for those that are traveling to this lake over the holidays it looks like it will be prime fishing weather.  Reports we read from the lake say the stripers are in full spring swing.  Many guide services from the lake said they we having trouble keeping up with all the catches happening in their boats.  Weather looks to be perfect in the mid to high 80's all weekend with only a 30% chance of rain on friday.  Monday and Tuesday this week will come with some high probability of severe weather but if it does not rain on Friday that means water should be clearing up for the start of the weekend.  Guides said that with the clearer water conditions last week they were having great luck using top water baits in shallower areas along the rocky banks of Lake Texoma.  This means you will get the kind of action we love when fishing for stripers.  There is nothing more excited than watching air striper hitting your lure!  Something to watch for is areas that have bait fish leaping out of the water trying to avoid being caught by the waiting stripers below.  It will be a good sign that the predators are in that area.  As always with the warmer temperatures many were having the best luck early morning and late evenings.  

If you plan on traveling to a lake this Memorial weekend and would like for us to do a little research on the subject leave us a comment in the section below. As always post your photos this Memorial weekend in the Caughtem Gallery and tell us your story.


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