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Monday, 03 June 2013 22:13

iPhone and Smart Phone Scope Adapters

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Recently we at Shotem and Caughtem were approached by Inteliscope, LLC about their new Shooter's Tactical Rifle Adapter and Apple App.  They sent us a press release talking about their new creation.  This reminded us of the different companies which offer different adaptations and ways to help make your smart phone part of your scope (iscope) or a scope itself like the intelliscope.  Since we have never been able to test one of these products we thought we would get our members involved in the discussion.  Our concerns are many when it comes to these unique gadgets.  We are hoping some of our members participate and help us learn if these things have real potential or are just a cool thing that work sometimes.  Leave us your feedback in the comment section below we would love to learn more about these devices.  

How do they hold up to the stress of different rifles?  I know my 30-06 kicks like a mule and would certainly cause damage to a smart phone that without a protective case would break if dropped.  The Inteliscope only gives you 5x zoom.  This would be fine on a 50 yard shot but what happens when you are out 100 yards or more?  Seems like a lot of money when you probably would do just as good with a little practice on iron sights.  Many of these allow you to record at the same time you are using the devices.  I can't tell you how many times after the shot we sometimes lose where our main focal point was aiming.  Wouldn't a fixed camera like a go pro or something like that have better results?

If you would like more information on inteliscope you can visit them on facebook.  We hope that any of our members that have had a chance to use such a device will let us ask them question in the comment section below.