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Friday, 21 June 2013 16:45

How to Make A Homemade Minnow Trap

Homemade Minnow Trap Homemade Minnow Trap

We at Shotem and Caughtem recently found ourselves without live bait and our artificial baits just weren't catching any fish.  We were fishing an area where trying to dig up worms was pretty much a lost cause.  So we decided to do a little quick work and make ourselves a homemade minnow trap.  Luckily for us we are still in early spring and there are a ton of small bait fish in the water to make this quite an effective way to procure live bait.  We thought we might share how we made ours so that you might have the same fortune of getting yourself some free bait from good ole mother nature herself.  It acts as a better bait anyway since they are fish from their natural habitat.  

What you need:

1 clear 2 Liter bottle, some small rocks, piece of hot dog or pet food and a sharp knife. 

1.  Cut the bottle where it starts to narrow. Lay the bottle on a flat surface to keep it from slipping. Better yet, get someone to hold the other end. Use a utility razor knife or Exacto knife if you have either available.

2. Place the cut top inside the remaining bottle with the narrow part down. Use the duct tape to secure the two together. This makes a funnel that the minnows will swim into but won't be able to get back out. Place some pebbles inside the bottle to weight it down. Make a small hole near the top of the trap and fasten a string about 15 feet long.

3. Place some dry dog food, a hot dog or bread into the bottle and fill with water. Toss the trap into the stream in a calm, deep section. Check it in a couple of hours to see the minnows you have caught.

Let us know what you might use to catch your fresh bait in the comment section below and share your adventures in the galleries.




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