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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 21:46

Iowa Law Makers Dove Season Open Dove Season Closed

Mourning Dove Mourning Dove

Okay so anyone who knows the Shotem and Caughtem creators knows that one of our absolute favorite seasons is Dove Season.  Nothing says hunting to us like the capabilities of hanging out with good friends, in relatively good weather (sometimes a bit warm), hunting an animal that allows you to spend really good quality time while procuring the filet mignon of the skies.  So when we were made aware last year that our fellow hunters to the north were going to get the chance to have the same fun that we were we were ecstatic.  So we were even more concerned when we were made aware today that there was a bill on the floor to potentially revoke that right prior to their first season.  Here are the details.

For more than a decade, sportsmen in Iowa fought for the opportunity to pursue North America’s number one game bird – the mourning dove.

Last year, the hard work and dedication finally paid off as the Iowa legislature passed Senate File 464 authorizing dove hunting in the state.

Now, just months after the first successful dove hunt, anti-hunting activists are pushing to have the season banned.

On January 19th, State Representative Mary Mascher (D-Iowa City) introduced House File 2061 that would prohibit dove hunting in the state.

Iowa sportsmen should contact their state representatives and ask them to vote no on House File 291.  

Let us know your thoughts on the bill or if you have more information on who to contact to oppose this bill in the comment section below.  As always post your photos and stories to the galleries.  September will be here before you know it!!!