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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 22:59

August Means Hunting Season is Near

Dove Hunting Dove Hunting

Well members August is officially here and that can mean only one thing for us at Shotem and Caughtem.  DOVE SEASON!  The perfect mix of what we are all about Hunting and Fishing.  It marks the start of the season when we are doing both the Shotem and Caughtem lifestyle.  Since dove hunting is usually done when weather is warmer and near water, nothing marks the season of the Outdoorsman better than Dove.  Sept.1 will mark opening day of one of our favorite times of the year.  As one Jace Robertson of Duck Dynasty so eliquently said "They are the filet mignon's of the sky."  With the date quickly approaching it is time to once again break out the shotguns and start our preparations.

First it is time to bust out the shotgun which has been sitting for much of the year waiting for this perfect time and give it a good once over.  Due to the fact that we tend to run through a lot of ammo hunting these little devils, it is always a good idea to make sure all parts of your equipment are tight and well oiled.  Nothing can be more frustrating than faulty equipment when out in the field.  It also tends to come with some good trashing from your hunting buddies about how cheap you are as you sit there with a broken gun.

Second, we will be dusting off the trap equipment cause nothing will test the skills of a good bird hunter better than the quick flying dove.  Mix a small target in with a little high Kansas wind, these birds turn into a speeding bullet across the sky.  Because of this we will not be using the large standard clays.  To get ready for these fast little suckers we will be breaking out the smaller clays about the size of a tennis ball or smaller.  When these clays fly out of the thrower they tend to give you a more acurate account of what you might witness in the field.  To quote a movie "Aim small Miss Small."  Nothing will test your skills more than these birds.

Finally dust off the decoys and make sure you have fresh batteries for the Mojo.  We highly recommend a Mojo for dove hunts.  We have had the most luck hunting these birds with a Mojo close to water, a couple of well staged dead branches with stationary decoys attached, in a nice clearing close to good traveling spots.  We try to go out the week or two before should the weather look like it is going to hold to find out where they are traveling to find that perfect spot.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the fast approaching hunting season.  Though it is a double edged sword since it means cold weather is also approaching and the fishing gear will go back on the shelf.  Let us know how you like to get ready for opening day in the comment section below and post your photos and tell us you story in the galleries.