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Thursday, 08 August 2013 21:02

Is Hunting Turning into a Dying Sport

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Recently we at Shotem and Caughtem have been reading some disturbing articles that seem to contain the perfect reasons that the sport of hunting is dying.  So we thought we would show you what we had found and see what your feedback on the subject might be in the comment section below.

1. Gun Manufacturers are beginning to focus more on AR style rifles and handguns rather than hunting rifles due to demand.

2. Finding Private land to hunt is becoming hard to come by and expensive.

3. Public hunting land is becoming hard to find and what is available is crowded.

4. The younger generation has a very low number of hunters or those that even own a gun.

5. Ammunition shortages.

6. Weather conditons have reduced the huntable animal population.

7. The comeback of many predator species like the wolf, bear, coyote, mountian lion, and bobcat have also lowered huntable animal numbers.

These are just the top 7 reasons we found in several related articles on the subject.  Though we think the days of kids laying around on the couch playing their playstations are numbered, it is still a subject that we as hunters should address and keep our eyes on changing.