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Friday, 21 December 2012 19:00

Pole Tap Smartrod

Tackobox Poletap Smartrod released on Dec 21, 2012 and we at ShotemandCaughtem.com got to be one of the first to get the new rod in our hands.  An new innovative tool for those of us that have watched many a bell take a trip to Davy Jones Locker from the tip of our pole.  The creative new design is actually integrated into the pole itself.  It not only gives off a nice sounding beep but lights up so while you are drinking an ice cold beer by the campfire you can watch from a far and not only hear, but see if you have a bite at the end of your line.  With three different sensitivity settings you can make sure that even as those pesky catfish are slowly taking the bait off your line you can set the pole to a high sensitivity setting and still see/hear that something might be there.  The best part of the integrated design is that when you run over to your pole to set the hook you don't have to worry about losing your alert method off the end of your pole.  They have integrated this tricky little design into a well built medium to heavy duty rod so that anyone who enjoys sitting back in a chair fishing at the bottom of the deep blue doesn't have to constantly watch the tip of the rod to see if there is a bite.  The rod we got to test came with a nice sized open face reel from tackobox fitted with a medium duty line that was burgundy color making for a nice eye appealing and versatile rig.  If you would like to learn more about the new fishing rod or find out where you can purchase one visit www.poletap.com.