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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 22:22

Dove Hunting and The Mojo

Dove Hunting Setup Dove Hunting Setup

It should be no surprise at this point in our start of this social network of hunters that we at Shotem and Caughtem love this time of year.  The weather has began to cool, harvest of crops is near and the smell of gun powder and the thrill of the hunt is just a little over a week away.  In celebration of this wonderful start to a whole new hunting season and one of our favorite animals to hunt, the dove, we felt it only right to tell you about a secret we have known for years to having a successful dove hunt............The Dove Mojo.  We love Dove hunting the most because they require the least concealment when hunting and sometimes even a good sized group of individuals can hunt within yelling distance to increase your chances of a good hunt and break up the silence during slow times.  This is not a hunt that requires you to be alone with your thoughts, waiting in silence, hoping to lure in your prey.  So lets get started on how we find the right place and get it set up.

Dove need three elements to keep them in a good moving pattern.  Food, Water and Gravel.  Here in the Midwest we find most Dove are either in Millet fields, some milo but mostly sunflower fields if you can find them.  Our absolute best hunt was in a quarter section of sunflowers, a pond just in the next section over and surrounding both fields were dirt roads.  It was Dove heaven.  We were able to set up three groups that kept birds turning circles all day.  We had a half dozen planted in different spots in the sunflower field, a couple covering the roads at different locations and some sitting down by the pond.  They had no safe place to find their three basic needs.

What helped get the birds to slow down was appropriate positioning of Dove decoys.  In one of the draws splitting the sunflower fields was a couple bales of hay where we positioned some regular clip decoys and a Mojo decoy.  We used a combination of dead trees and hay to create an environment like the one in the photo in all three of our locations.  Many times when we were not paying attention to the decoys and when we would look over some birds had flown into our decoys and were just hanging out.  The group by the pond even had their Mojo attacked by a hawk, so needless to say we feel they are worth the expense.  They will also last year after year with proper care.  Many of the Mojo's we have are at least three to five years old and working great.  We highly suggest keeping the box you buy them in to store them from one year to the next otherwise wings and or poles go missing.  Also make sure you remove the batteries before storage so they do not corrode and ruin the electronics.  Here is a great company that makes the Mojos we use should you need a good starting place http://www.mojooutdoors.com/index.php/vendor-products-menu-item/product/198-mojo-voodoo-dove

Let us know your Dove hunting success stories in the comment section below and come brag with us in the Shotem Gallery once the season starts, which for us is Sept 1, just 12 days away..... not that we are counting.

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