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Thursday, 05 September 2013 19:20

Fall Makes for Great Fishing Weather

Lake Sunset Lake Sunset

Though we at Shotem and Caughtem definitely have Dove Hunting on the brain we would be remiss to not remember that fall is also a great time for fishing.  With the cooler temperatures headed for the nation the fish will turn to bulking up prior to the winter freeze.  Many species of fish will begin to eat everything in sight in order to gain the weight needed for the lack of food sources during the winter.  

Whether you are fishing for walleye, pike, trout or bass many species of fish will need plenty of nutrients.  This makes for great fishing.  Also the hot days cause fisherman/woman to constantly change depths to find cooler water and fish.  Fish should be lining the banks looking to pick off any left over morsels or quality baits that happen to come around as the water and air temperatures drop.  We have been having some great luck catching fish with some of the lures provided by Angler Choice baits.  We have been giving them a thorough review to help let our members know more about their products.  Should you want to learn more about them before the review is complete check them out at www.anglerschoice.ca.  

Either way we could not be more excited that Shotem and Caughtem season is here in full effect.  We have been excited about all the great new members and activity that we have been receiving about our new website and hope you continue to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or by sharing your stories in the galleries and discussion boards.