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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 17:49

A Passion for Hunting and Fishing

Old Barn Landscape Old Barn Landscape

So we at Shotem and Caughtem last night needed a break from our normal world and relax a little.  We decided to partake in a little rest and relaxation away from Mother Nature and attend the Eagles concert here in town.  Now bare with us for a minute cause it all relates to the hunting and fishing community.  All I can say is wow.  After over 40 years in the music industrial the band from the Eagles has not lost one step.  Voices, harmonies, and great riffs all made for the perfect evening.  What caught my attention the most was the band, most of which have to be in their early sixties, were having an absolute blast.  

We were immediately reminded of what takes us out into the Great Outdoors, time and time again.  Just this last weekend we found a unique hidden gem.  A cool old barn perched perfectly in an absolutely breathtaking angle with the perfect sunset.  And that is when the two worlds collided.  It is a passion and love for what we do that makes us so excited to see where this website could end up.  Could we become the ultimate place for hunters and fisherman/woman around the world come to share their adventures.  Great or small they all add up to one common thread.  An appreciation and connection to all we have the chance to see and discover in mother nature.  Best of all it never gets old!

For those of us devoted outdoorsman/woman it is so much more than the kill.  We never even saw one animal close enough in range but that sunset was all we needed to take away from that day.  It is what takes us out time and time again.  You never know what you might see and experience or Shotem and Caughtem!  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and keep posting your adventures to the galleries so that we can brag together.