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Monday, 21 October 2013 21:33

Pheasant Hunting Season in the Midwest

Pheasant Pheasant

With South Dakota's opener for Pheasant Hunting Season we thought we would take a look at what has been reported from the Midwest.  With the cold temperatures and drought conditions in the Midwest this season's pheasant hunt should be more than interesting.  From the reports throughout the Midwest the season could be less than exciting.  Let us know how things are looking in your area prior to your states opener in the comment section below.

Estimates show a 64 percent drop from last year in the state's pheasant population. That's from roadside survey results released by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks in August.  A couple harsh winters in recent years, last year's drought and this year's late spring have all been factors.
This severe weather in June that combined large hail and damaging winds dished an additional blow to pheasants around the Spink and Beadle County lines.

Runia says the birds have less habitat. There's less native prairie in South Dakota than there used to be. And the number of acres in CRP, which is a federal program paying landowners to set land aside for conservation, has dropped steadily in the state since 2007.  Unfortunately, estimated pheasant numbers are lower than they've been in years.  And this seems to be the trend across much of the Midwest.