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Thursday, 24 October 2013 21:07

Why we Hunt

Hunting and Fishing Hunting and Fishing

We at Shotem and Caughtem heard the news that NBC has decided not to run their latest installment of their Into the Wild show due to too many people being upset by the depiction of an Elephant being hunted.  We too have had some comments on our Facebook page about what a bad sport hunting and fishing is and how we should not be advocating bragging about our adventures in the Great Outdoors.  

Lucky for us we have a resident expert on African Safari Hunting.  We have had many lengthy discussions on their efforts and what they are all about.  Mario Conservancy maintains a herd of multiple animals on their land.  They try to regulate a perfect balance so that all their animals are capable of thriving.  As such sometimes older, unhealthy or over populated animal species need to be balanced.  They use this as a way to make a little money so that they continue creating the perfect environment for their animals.  Note:  All their efforts surround the animal species not how big can we get them so people can shoot them.  It is at the core of anyone who truly cherishes the sport.  As is the case with everything humans do a few bad apples can derail even the majority of those who love the sport and treat it as such.  



Wild animals aren't kept in tiny pens or dosed with chemicals. They aren't fattened up on grains that consume massive amounts of water, land, and synthetic fertilizer. They aren't causing deforestation from clustered grazing, eroding soil, releasing intensive greenhouse gas emissions, or draining non-renewable resources.

Plus, hunting can be an effective population management tool. For instance, across most of the U.S., man has become the only useful deer predator. Thanks to our own habits of developing over animal habitats, we don't have enough wolves and cougars any more to keep deer in check. Conservation efforts aren't just about keeping deer from overrunning our own crops and groundcovers, they're about ensuring the wellbeing of the species.

Instead of being a word the green community shuns, "hunting" should be a term associated closely with the conscious living movement, similar to the way we think about farmers with free-range or free-roaming flocks or fisherman committed to sustainability.  A hunter or fisherman's main job besides having fun with his or her family and friends is to conserve.  We are not just cowboys and cowgirls out to kill.  We want to make sure we can go back to the same places year after year.  If we land big ones well thats just a bonus.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and keep posting your adventures.  We love to share our passion and love for the Great Outdoors 365 days a year.


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