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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 21:19

Goose Calling Techniques and Tips

Canada Goose Canada Goose

We at Shotem and Caughtem believe that good goose calling techniques can make the difference between a successful hunt and watching the birds fly past.  As such we felt like we would offer you some tricks and techniques before the hunting season starts.  

Scouting locations is a great way to find out if birds are hitting your favorite hunting spot.  If so know that these same birds will return to the same spots every third or fourth day.  Once you have spotted the geese in range one should start calling.  On trick is to wave a black flag to look like geese in landing mode.  Once the geese are seen to turn in your direction begin to slow your calls and frequency of flag movement.  Once they are close in range begin to smooth your calls then once they look as if they are going to circle to land call vigorously in a feeding frenzy.  Bring them in close to your decoys prior to springing your trap.

Let us know your goose calling tricks in the comment section below and post your group photos to the galleries and tell us your techniques.