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Monday, 25 November 2013 20:53

Elusive Wildlife Flashlight for Night Hunting

Elusive Wildlife XLR kit Elusive Wildlife XLR kit

We at Shotem and Caughtem ventured out into the darkness equip with an Elusive Wildlife XLR250 Long Range Tactical Rifle System Light.  We were first introduced to the light a year ago when we ventured to Oklahoma for a night Hog hunting adventure.  We were cautious about ordering a tactical light as the reviews we read about many of the lights available were mixed.  However, after the luck our fellow hunters had during our adventure we felt like we could not go wrong with at least buying one and trying it for ourselves.

We still had questions.  Is a light the best solution?  Would night vision or thermal be better?  Is red light better or green?  Will it perform at long distance?  What is the best way to mount the light?  Will my daylight made scope even work?  So we have done a little testing and these are our thoughts.  

We are not regular night hunters, since it is not allowed in our state.  As such, our opportunities to hunt at night only happen a half dozen times a year at most. So for us after researching night vision and thermal scopes and the costs associated with them they did not make sense for the number of times we would use a device that comes with a cost of thousands of dollars for the right equipment.  We needed to find a more economical, multi purposed solution.  One we could use for not just night hunting, but night traveling as well.  Many of our adventures to and from our stands and hunting locations are during the twilight hours.  During these times certain movements can make one feel a bit uneasy and we do not want to spoke animals so a little light would help.   

After our Elusive Wildlife purchase we finally got to test the light for ourselves.  We could not be happier for the money.  These guys have done their research and are providing a well built, well equip product for the money.  The kit comes with everything you need to use, mount and create a rifle that will no doubt perform in the dark of night.  It also comes with a variety of mounts which allows us to carry the light on multiple rifle platforms.  Whether mounted to a tactical rail, the top of a scope, on a barrel, or in your hand, the light can provide you with an array of uses without going back to the store or your wallet.  

Our experience with night hunting activities is that the red light offers a better color than green.  It did not seem to spook any of the animals we shined the light on as we traveled to, from or covering the landscape.  Our luck with the green light was mixed at best.  Whether a rabbit, coyote or cow the red light seemed to have no effect on the animals other than making them easier to see.  It also caused their eyes to shine bright red as well allowing us to acquire animals more easily.  We had the light mounted to the front rail of our ar15 equip with a low light Nikon scope and had great vision at 100+ yards through the scope.  Our only limitation was not having a lighted cross hair function on our scope which would have made things a little easier.  However, we were still able to make out our black cross hairs just fine with the light the flashlight provided even at distance.  We feel for 150.00 it is the best product out there and a viable piece to any hunters backpack for either mounting to a rifle or traveling to your favorite hunting spot without spooking your animals.  

It is one of the few lights we researched that had great reviews across the board for its use at long distance and we were not disappointed.  We were able to properly illuminate animals at 25-150+ yards and felt that acquiring targets at that distance was relatively easy.  Past a 150 yards our hope would be a stationary target to make shot placement a little more accurate but we were still able to make out what we were seeing even at that distance.  150 yards seemed to be the start of the fallout point for the light especially for darker targets, however, that still provides plenty of territory to cover in no light situations.  

Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and keep posting your photos to the galleries and tell us your story.