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Thursday, 27 March 2014 19:21

Best Fishing Months are March and April

Spring Fishing Spring Fishing

With much of the United States feeling the cool days of winter starting to loosen it's grip we felt it was a good time to talk about the best time of year to wet a line.  Typically though we have not had much of a March when it comes to warmer weather, things seem to be on a warming trend.  This means that most fish species are starting to rise from their slumbers.  This year might offer a shorter time to reap the rewards of very hungry fish before they head to spawn around mid April, but there is no better time for fishing.

The spring months offer more than just hungry fish.  The mild temperatures offer a longer fishing time period throughout the day though the dawn and dusk hours are always the hottest times.  This allows most fisherman and woman the ability to not have that mid day heat which usually drops the amount of bites.  Shore lines will offer good fishing as the smaller bait fish find the warmest water through the suns heat.

The best part about this time of year is that fish need plenty of energy for the spring spawn.  As such they need food.  A lot of food.  Good baits to use are the live ones this time of year especially.  However, the good thing about this time is a gross lack of pickiness.  This time of year most baits in one's tackle box will be good baits.  We are especially excited to test out the baits sent to us by both Berkley and Anglers Choice.  We feel this time of year will be an awesome time to test out what they provided us.

Let s know your early spring tips and tricks in the comment box below and as always come brag wit us in the Caughtem Gallery.


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