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Friday, 04 December 2015 19:30

Christmas Gifts to get your beloved hunting or fishing partner

Holiday Gifts Holiday Gifts

What to get that special someone who loves to hunt and fish

For those that have the passion for the great outdoors what to get us for the holidays is a list that could fill a months worth of blogs.  The list would range from the common items such as outer wear, ammo, lures and line to the more specific "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" for a little Christmas story refresher quote.  To the outdoors man/woman it should be easy to walk through the store and find something we would love to have in our bag or inventory. 

However, as we write this we must admit we all know someone who has no idea what to get their outdoor loved one.  They are the ones that time and time again go to Cabelas or Bass Pro or even their local hunting and fishing story and grab the Salt Water fishing lure though you live in Kansas or grab the 500 yard spotting scope though you live in the dense forests of Virginia or the 5000 insulate boots though you live in Florida and think they have bought the perfect gift because it relates to hunting or fishing.  We smile say thank you and arrive the day after Xmas to exchange the gift.

We decided to shorten the list to three things you could get any hunter or angler in the family and not disappoint.

3 Can't miss Presents for the Hunter in your life:


  1. Gift Card
  2. Trail Camera
  3. Camo

I know that you might think a gift card means you took the easy route.  Let me assure you that when it comes to hunters we find a gift card a perfect way to say we know you love to hunt, but have no idea why or what you might need so please use this card to go get it or pay for part of it.  Trust us we will use it!

If the hunter in your life has access to hunt on private land or even has a yard that backs up to the country you can never go wrong with a trail camera.  I have never heard anyone that uses a trail camera get upset about having more ways to track what is happening on their property.  If they already have too many trail cameras they now make solar panels that charge the batteries so they can stay in the field longer without replacing which is a really nice add on many do not splurge the extra expense to get but would use.

Lastly, no hunter has ever gone to his or her closet and said "honey, I think I might need to curb the amount of camo in my closet."  Whether it be a hat, gloves, shirts, coats, pants or packs you can never go wrong. 

3 Can't Miss Gifts for the Angler in your life:


  1. Gift Card
  2. Sunscreen or Sunscreen based clothing
  3. Multi Tool

Refer to the hunting section.  Once again we never feel your shorted us with the gift card no matter the amount we will love it and spend it with pleasure.

Without getting into the climate debate no one that is on a reflective surface for long periods of time whether in the sun or reflecting from the snow will last long without sunscreen.  They also now make clothing with sunscreen like qualities that are light weight, easy and cool to wear even in the high temperatures.   

We might have at least two in every tackle box.  They have removed more tough hooks, helped cut line, fix engines, help with electrical lines and should be a staple for anyone who loves to fish.  As a matter of fact you might just be replacing the rusted one at the bottom of someones tackle box but they will still appreciate it or add it to their inventory.

Happy Holidays

Let us know your fool proof gifts in the comment section below and as always be safe and share your adventures.  We love getting your feedback.