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Monday, 01 February 2016 20:23

Hunting tactics for Feral Hogs changing in Missouri

Feral Hog Hunting Feral Hog Hunting

Changing Feral Hog Population Control Tactics

We at Shotem and Caughtem have not been quiet when it comes to our distaste of the feral hog species.  Our willingness to go to great lengths to help others hunt, kill and pursue their entire population.  However, the Missouri Department of Wildlife is changing its stance on their see all....kill them all policy potentially on all their federal lands.  They are starting to think that trapping might have a greater effect on the hog populations.  They are hoping that private properties also follow suit.

Here is the article should you wish to read more on the development.



Here are a few things we feel the Department of Wildlife should keep in mind. 


  1. Federal land covers a small portion of the state so how much of an effect on population numbers will actually occur
  2. Because private land is now pay to play many hunters that use those lands will not get the chance to hunt feral pigs
  3. The short staffed Dept of Wildlife does not have the resources to keep up with a population that can triple in size in a year
  4. Some studies have shown that getting hunters more involved in helping curb a population has a greater effect than the Dept taking on the challenge themselves


Rising Invasive Species Populations in the United States

It is a problem that needs to be addressed.  There have been a wide range of options that have been attempted however many of them have been a more "controlled" approach dependent on an under staffed and funded Department of Wildlife.  Getting hunters more involved on helping lower the populations of a given species can always have a great effect. No one spends more time in the field than a hunter.  We put up feeders, food plots, game cameras and monitor our hunting environments to high levels of knowledge and at great personal expense.  If you offered hunters an bonus to trap rather than shoot like a tax right off they might have more luck.

We would love to get your ideas or comments in the section below and we will try to forward your ideas as hunters to the Dept of Wildlife.