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Thursday, 27 July 2017 16:29

Shotem and Caughtem has been a little quiet... Welcome to Colorado

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Shotem and Caughtem has moved to a different State

Well as many of our members can only imagine we have been a little more than off the radar.  For more than the last eight months we have been in the process of moving from the great state of Kansas to Colorado.  Needless to say it has been quite the education process.  Not only are the hunting rules and regulations much different in our new home state but so are the fishing laws.  Many of the hunter and anglers I have met in our new home town actually travel out of the state to do what we love.  Though there are many who love what Colorado has to offer many feel there are better opportunities and much more flexibility in surrounding states when it comes to opportunities. 

Funny video discussing my old ways of fishing compared to my new surroundings......  Hank Patterson explains fly fishing to bait fisherman

Hunting in Colorado

I was to say the least excited to have the opportunity to hunt as a resident in another state.  Much of the non resident fees steered me away from taking on another species hunt in a different sate.  My excitement for the opportunity to hunt a species like antelope allowed me the excuse to add another rifle to my safe as a matter of fact.  To my disappointment once I had arrived in my new state I learned that rifle season for antelope was a very short 6 days long.  The chances of me pulling a tag in a good area for antelope might take me four to five years to obtain through the Colorado pronghorn lottery system.  Though I will always have the ability to go back to hunt my home state where the regulations when it comes to hunting and fishing and much more opportunistic for a passionate outdoors person, the lack of being able to take advantage of the reduced hunting rates as a Colorado resident does make me a little disappointed to say the least.

However, I can say that the amount of land open to Coloradans is more than impressive.  The ability for anyone to have access to so much open country does make up for its lack of hunting and angling opportunities.  Though I have only been able to explore a few of the national parks that Colorado has to offer I can say you will not find a better climate or access to some breathe taking country.

I will have more than enough stories to share an my new adventures and as always we hope you post pics of your adventures on our site.  We again apologize for our lack of communication and hope you return often now that we are back and running.....