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Thursday, 07 February 2013 21:09

Minnesota Cancels Moose Hunting Season

Though the Department of Natural Resources has said that hunting has not been the cause of the decline, Shotem and Caughtem learned on Weds. that they will be banning indefinitely moose hunting season throughout Minnesota.  The population of moose has decreased in the state by 52% since 2010, for reasons unknown at this time.  Several possibilities have been proposed such as ticks, food sources, water pathogens, and as we reported yesterday dry/hot summers, which moose don't handle well.  In an aerial survey in January, state officials calculated that only 2,760 moose were left in the state, down by 35% from last year and 52% from 2010.  State officials have responded by launching a 1.2 million dollar campaign to what is being called the largest and most high-tech effort to help root out the cause of the dwindling moose population.