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Monday, 11 March 2013 14:58

Marten Interrupts Professional Soccer Match

In an episode from a great reel for the Mishaps Gallery of Shotem and Caughtem a Marten (looks a lot like a large ferret) interrupted a Swiss Super League soccer match between Thun and Zurich this weekend.  Though the little critter just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as you will see in the video attached below, the scene itself is quite amusing especially set to the music of Benny Hill.  Zurich's Loris Benito make a spectacular diving catch for the Marten and after receiving a bite transports him off the field.  Not long after the first capture the Marten escapes again and for the second time Benito makes yet another grab aided by having his goalie gloves this time.  But since Zurich beat Thun 4-0, Benito isn't holding any hard feelings against the marten, suggesting that they make it their new mascot. "We have the lion. But the marten has brought us luck."  Though I am sure the players were distracted by the commotion, watching them try and corral the animal makes for a humorous event we hope you enjoy.  

Let us know whether you enjoyed this as much as we did in the comment section below and as always show us your mishaps and tell us your story in the Gallery.