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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 20:22

EHD infections Cause loss of Monster Buck with Huge Rack

We at Shotem and Caughtem learned about a monster buck that was taken out by a disease called EHD.  The deer had shown up on the property owners trail cams for years and was discovered dead next to the river that runs through the property.  We thought we would not only pass along the information about the large rack but also the causes and symptoms of EHD.  The information related to this disease might be the cause of why you might never see that deer that came across your trail cam come deer season.



Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is an acute, infectious, often fatal viral disease of some wild ruminants.  This malady, characterized by extensive hemorrhages, has been responsible for significant epizootics in deer in the northern United States and southern Canada.  Most infections are the cause of being bitten by an infected biting fly or midge and can cause outbreaks involving large numbers of deer since infected deer can then pass the disease to one another.  The infections usually occur late summer and early fall and cease abruptly with the onset of frost.  Should you come acroos a dead deer lying close to water that does not seem to have died from a predator or wound please contact your local wildlife manager so they can check to see if EHD might be the cause.  It could have a significant effect on your deer population come hunting season.

This disease is suspected to be the cause of the death of this huge 55 point buck that was one for the record books for its size but weighed almost nothing due to the disease (never reached the dense hard antler stage).  The dead buck was found lying close to a creek after being a gaurded secret of the family for years as it passed by their trail cameras year after year.  An official BTR score of 315 makes it the largest free ranging buck ever recorded from Kansas, fifth largest in the world, and number 3 among the world's largest pickups, second only to the Barnacle and Hole in the Horn bucks.  Its composite score (inside spread) is 330 7/8 inches.  The rack's most outstanding feature, other than its 55 scoreable points, is its mass of 67 3/4 inches in circumference measurements.  This is nearly 30 more than the Hole in the Horn buck.

Show us your monster buck photos in the Shotem gallery, your trail cam pics in the Caughtem gallery and tell us your story.   As always leave your comments in the section below if you have ever had any experiences with EHD in your herd.   

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