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Thursday, 21 March 2013 14:41

Drought Conditions Might Create A Kayak Fishing Market

With drought conditions in the Midwest continuing to put pressure on water levels in rivers, lakes and ponds we went looking for solutions to how we can still get to good spots for fishing.  Many water levels will be low enough at the start of the spring fishing season that many spots we would normally fish will be hard to access by different types of fishing boats.  Boat ramps, river access points and low water tables will make it hard and risky for many fisherman and woman to get to many areas that provide the best fishing spots.  Due to the fact that areas prime for fishing will be crowded by those who have not thought of other means, we wanted to find a great way to get away from the crowd.  We think the solution is the Kayak.  

Kayaks are not just a boat used to whisk ones self down a river of rapids.  They have evolved to be quite the nice little fishing rig for conditions such as the ones we might be facing this year due to the drought.  They are fairly light weight, small and could be pulled by hand or by smaller machines to give you access to areas many boats can't.  They need very little water to travel through so hitting some low spots here and there to get to deeper water in rivers and along edges of lakes and ponds where trees and other hazards might start to become a factor will be less of a problem in a kayak.  Many of todays kayaks offer multiple places to hold rods, tackle and other needs as well as live wells for your big catches.  They can be transported on roof racks, small trailers, pickup truck beds, by ATV's and UTV's allowing you to get to even the most remote spots with all the gear you need.  

Some other pros from fishing from a kayak might come during the catch itself.  Due to its light weight nature should you hook into a decent size fish the capabilities of you and your vessel being involved in the fight itself is greatly enhanced.  Many fisherman talk about hooking into a good size fish and being dragged around by the fish as it fights its way towards and away from the boat.  

Some of the Cons to fishing from this vessel are the fact that it tends to be a one man or woman in one boat type of adventure.  They are not a platform that we would recommend buying one day, loading up and going out the next.  They require a bit of time to get use to when it comes to proper weight distribution and making sure you are comfortable paddling so that you avoid tipping over.  More importantly they do not allow you to transport the amount of beverages that we feel is necessary for a successful fishing trip.  

Though many of the pros will outweigh the cons once you have mastered the capabilities of the kayak, we at Shotem and Caughtem feel they will provide a perfect vessel to access good fishing spots.  With drought conditions likely to continue this year we feel they might be a good option for those that might worry that their fishing boats might just collect dust or not get them to the spots they love to go.  Let us know how you might get to remote fishing spots in the comment section below or post your solutions to the Gear gallery and tell us your story.


{youtube}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujGmplqno0{/youtube} Choosing a Fishing Kayak