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Friday, 22 March 2013 16:27

Kansas Legalizes Crossbows and All Centerfire for Deer and Turkey Hunting

We at Shotem and Caughtem are torn between the new Kansas Law regarding the legalization of using crossbows and all centerfire rifles for hunting Turkey and Deer and wanted to start a discussion on the issue.  Here are the specifics on the new laws that take effect during the 2013 hunting season.  We would like to get your input in the comment section below on the subject if your state shares these new laws or not and why you like or dislike them.



The Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission, Thursday evening, unanimously approved all of the department’s requests for liberalizing weapon and other equipment restrictions.

– Crossbows will now be legal for all hunters during archery deer seasons in Kansas.  Previously they were only legal for those with approved physical limitations, those 15 and under and 55 and older, in four deer management units  involved in a two year study.

— Any centerfire rifle or handgun cartridge can now be used for big game hunting during the appropriate firearm season. Previously, rifle cartridges had to be at least .22 caliber and handgun cartridges had to be at least  1.28-inches long.

— Slugs can now be used in any gauge shotgun for deer hunting in Kansas, rather than 20 gauge or larger.

— The restriction saying all crossbows had to have at least 120 pounds of pull was also removed.

—  Most electronic devices attached to bows are now legal, including such things as attached cameras, and rangefinders. Also, radio frequency devices attached to arrows, that stick to an arrowed deer to ease in retrieval, are also legal.

—  Any shotgun, regardless of gauge, can now be used for turkey hunting. Before, it was only shotguns 20 gauge or larger.

The new regulations will be in effect when deer seasons open in September. It is estimated it will take about four weeks before the turkey regulations become law, because of the legal process. Wildlife and Parks will post a news release when those regulations become official, to inform hunters afield for the upcoming spring turkey seasons that basically run April 1-May 31.

Let the Shotem' discussion begin!