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The Shotem' and Caughtem' Blog is the place to find the latest reviews and commentary on gear, destinations, conditions, events, and general knowledge to inform our readers and give our opinions to anyone listening.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012 23:08

Welcome to Shotem and Caughtem

Welcome to ShotemandCaughtem.com.  A social photo sharing website for the hunting and fishing enthusiast in mind.  Whether it is a trophy buck, a massive tuna, a cool new gun or a day that just din't go as plan, we encourage you to share the photo and the story you have and most importantly have some fun!  The creator's of shotemandcaughtem.com came up with the idea of a social photo sharing site based on what we have been doing for years.  There is nothing more fun to us than bragging about the Alaskan King Salmon we have caught or the beautiful pheasant that we shot to our buddies.  It has festered into a fun way to share the experiences we have had in the great outdoors.  We searched the web and found plenty of forums and walls to post pictures but not one that had a fun, creative way to brag about how well you did on your adventure.  A place where trash talking, bragging, having a conversation and meeting new people with new experiences is a requirement.  A place were you could connect with friends and meet new ones who pride themselves as great hunters or fisherman/woman.

ShotemandCaughtem.com is in its infancy and will be an ever expanding social networking site.  Additions to the site will come regularly as we take the ideas we have in mind to make this site your premier choice as hunters and fisherman/woman.  We will constantly review the website to see what you as users are building in your groups and conversations to make this a fun and exciting place to share your photos and stories.  We wanted to get something started so that our users could help us build the ultimate hunting and fishing website.  So let's talk about what you will find here at shotemandcaughtem.com and what we have built.

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