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Thursday, 12 September 2013 21:58

Early Deer Bow Hunting Tactics

We at Shotem and Caughtem can hear some of our members mumbling the seconds to the upcoming start of Bow Hunting Season.  However, the heat we have been experiencing in the Midwest might change things up for the inexperienced bow hunter.  As such we felt we would offer some tactics to remember prior to heading out to the field.  

We know that one of the rewards for early season bowhunting is year is that mature bucks will still be in Summer Pattern.  They have not had a great deal of pressure and may still be in bachelor groups.  You have a chance of catching this deer still in his summer home range in daylight hours.   Next, you want to consider what food sources he is feeding on that may include: food plot, corn (where legal), or natural sources (grape vines, persimmons). 

In addition to the food source locate the WATER source and bedding area.  Along with food, water is going to be a key driver in deer patterns when it is "HOT" during the early season.  While I normally do not like to hunt on a food plot, this time of year you will see mature bucks feeding in a food plot in daylight hours.  What if you are hunting an area that does not have a concentrated food source?  You next option should be to concentrate your stand location near a water source next to bedding area.  One that has moving water if at all possible.  A trail leading up to the water source from bedding area can be a PRIME stand location for this time of year.  Keep in mind a mature buck will come down wind!

While this time of year can have some tough conditions it can have some great rewards.  You have an opportunity to catch a mature buck on his feet during the daylight hours.  Taking time to analyze what your deer are doing and paying attention to details to control your scent can help you get that opportunity to let an arrow fly. 

Most of all we hope you share your early season bow hunting tactics in the comment section below and share your photos to the galleries.  From the size of the monster catches so far this fall we hope we have just as much luck in the shotem gallery.  


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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 00:09

Bow Fishing for Asian Carp

Something caught our eye this weekend while we were thinking of things to inform our readers about.  We felt that so far on Shotemandcaughtem we have focused on a lot of hunting related news stories and not enough on fishing.  Then we found stories of Bow hunting Asian carp in the North American rivers and thought it would be a great article to combine the two things we love to do, hunt and fish.  Nothing would be more fun than channeling your inner senses to concentrate on shooting an object, with little to no warning, out of the air with a bow and arrow.  Sounds like a blast to us!

The best time to target shoot the Asian Carp is between June and August preferably not when the rivers are high but the temperatures unfortunately are.  Slow your boat down to a speed in the shallow parts of the river til you find the best motor sound that gets the fish a flyin.  Draw your bow back and keep a watchful eye on the surface and wait til you get your shot.  Many of the fish will reach heights of five feet above the surface of the water giving you little time to make your perfect shot.  It combines all the things we love to do.  Its like skeet shooting with a bow at live targets.  Don't feel bad since this invasive species has pretty much taken over the rivers in the upper Midwest and you will be doing Mother Nature a service. This will allow the natural habitat to gain back a little ground.  Most importantly we would love to see your photos or videos on our bragging walls and hope you might give us some pointers on the best places to go.  We even found a video to help spur your interest in giving it a try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc-e8EGkLMo.

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