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Friday, 11 January 2013 22:21

Stack-On Tactical Gun Safe

With security being a top priority for the responsible gun owner, Stack-On Products is releasing a new set of safes at this year's Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2013 and we at ShotemandCaughtem.com got to see them first.  We got to see two of the products in the Tactical Security product line which included a 16 gun steel cabinet and a beefed up 20 gun fireproof safe (photos).  Both the safe and the cabinet include flat black tread plate and silver accent panels riveted to the front of the doors for a cool body armor look.

The 16 gun steel cabinet has a modified interior with three bays.  The center bay is set up for two tactical rifles.  It will also hold either 5 shelves with foam padding or up to 14 long guns on the left and right bays of the interior.  The tactical center bay also comes with a foam pad to help keep top heavy tactical rifles from moving around.  The barrel rests for the tactical rifles are extended and you can adjust to the height location of the rest to meet the dimensions of your tactical guns.  More importantly, for security the box welded steel cabinet has both a two position rod and paddle door locking mechanism with key access to make the cabinet secure. The cabinet comes with the appropriate screws and anchors to help bolt the cabinet to a wall or to the floor in order to secure the cabinet.

The 20 gun fireproof safe also has three bays.  The center bay will hold up to four tactical rifles and has enough room to position a shelf either below or above your rifles adding additional storage for ammo cans in the center bay.  The right and left bays can hold shelving or up to 16 rifles or shotguns.  As with most of Stack-On’s new product line, this safe comes with a nice door storage addition.  The door allows you to store handguns, magazines, and pouches for other items to help improve storing your gear. As is the case with the 16 gun model, the four tactical barrel rests have been extended and can be repositioned to the appropriate height for your rifle, limiting the need to modify your stock.  The foam pad for the base for tactical rifles also comes in the 20 gun safe and helps prevent the rifles from shifting.  

Stack-On as with most of its fireproof line, has lined the interior of the safe with a soft carpet material to aid in keeping your prized possessions from being banged around on the shelves or against the walls and partitions.  

The coolest addition to this safe is the back lit electronic key pad making the numbers easier to see in the dark.  As for security, the 20 gun safe is fireproof, has an electronic programmable key pad with 3 fixed bolts and 7 extra large locking bolts totaling 10 locking points.  The safe also comes with bolts and anchors to fix the safe to the floor providing added security. 

To learn more about these Tactical Security products or find another safe to your liking visit www.stack-on.com.