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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 16:49

Homedale, Idaho Bow fishing Tournament

Nothing says Shotem and Caughtem better than the Sport of Bow Fishing.  This is how one of our members spent his Memorial Day weekend and we felt it needed a little more spotlight.  The Homedale, Idaho Bow Fishing Carp Tournament was this weekend and one of our members attended.  He gave us some information on his adventure.  The tournament was held on the Snake River and had 18 teams join in the fun.  The tournament uses the entry fees and the fact that they resell the fish back to a fertilizer company to hand out prizes to the top four teams.   Other prizes are also given.  For example, Bob Goodwin's biggest fish shot prize which was the 41.5 pound carp shown in the photo.  He was able to throw an extra 200 dollars in his pocket for his achievements.  The only mishap from the tournament was the fact that the tailgate on the fish hauling trailer broke spilling out two days of dead carp across the parking lot (also shown).  

All in all nothing was more fun than the three friends Bob Goodwin, Brandon Hammer and Tim Peppersack spending their weekend with each other in a good ol fashion Shotem and Caughtem style holiday.  Though they placed fifth out of the 18 teams and missed one of the top four prizes, they did land the biggest fish.  The most important part of the adventure were the good times spent on the water with one another.

If you would like to learn more about bow fishing in Idaho we suggest you take a look at www.idahobowfishingassociation.com

Should you have a unique Shotem and Caughtem experience do not hesitate to email us and share your story.  We will try to make every effort to add it to our blog should you give us the details.  Otherwise add your photos to the gallery and brag on your own.  This is why we are all here at Shotem and Caughtem.  To share, connect and brag!





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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 00:09

Bow Fishing for Asian Carp

Something caught our eye this weekend while we were thinking of things to inform our readers about.  We felt that so far on Shotemandcaughtem we have focused on a lot of hunting related news stories and not enough on fishing.  Then we found stories of Bow hunting Asian carp in the North American rivers and thought it would be a great article to combine the two things we love to do, hunt and fish.  Nothing would be more fun than channeling your inner senses to concentrate on shooting an object, with little to no warning, out of the air with a bow and arrow.  Sounds like a blast to us!

The best time to target shoot the Asian Carp is between June and August preferably not when the rivers are high but the temperatures unfortunately are.  Slow your boat down to a speed in the shallow parts of the river til you find the best motor sound that gets the fish a flyin.  Draw your bow back and keep a watchful eye on the surface and wait til you get your shot.  Many of the fish will reach heights of five feet above the surface of the water giving you little time to make your perfect shot.  It combines all the things we love to do.  Its like skeet shooting with a bow at live targets.  Don't feel bad since this invasive species has pretty much taken over the rivers in the upper Midwest and you will be doing Mother Nature a service. This will allow the natural habitat to gain back a little ground.  Most importantly we would love to see your photos or videos on our bragging walls and hope you might give us some pointers on the best places to go.  We even found a video to help spur your interest in giving it a try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc-e8EGkLMo.

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