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Friday, 08 February 2013 14:42

Python Hunt Ends in the Florida Everglades

This Sunday marks the end of the well publisized hunt for the Burmese pythons that have over taken the Florida Everglades which started Jan. 12th.  Unfortunately, leading up to this weekends close only 50 snakes have been captured or killed out of a population that is said to be well over 150,000 animals.  Wildlife biologists say the troublesome invaders, which are notoriously evasive and have no known predators in Florida, have become a major pest and pose a significant threat to endangered species like the wood stork and Key Largo wood rat.  The state wildlife agency was offering prizes for the Python Challenge of $1,500 for the most pythons captured or killed as part of the hunt and $1,000 for the largest python. The prizes are due to be announced at an awards ceremony set for Feb 16.  A Burmese python found in Florida last year set a record as the largest ever captured in the state, at 17 feet, 7 inches. The snake weighed nearly 165 pounds (75kg).  We would love to see some of the catches posted to our Caughtem wall so that we could start a dialogue about your experience on the hunt.  
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