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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 19:28

Celebrating Earth Day

We at Shotem and Caughtem can think of no better celebration to up hold in our passion than Earth Day.  Without our continued support of the hunting and fishing industry our environment and the animals we have the passion to dedicate our time to would not exist.  Hunters and fisherman and women spend much of there off seasons making sure they provide a habitat capable of creating the trophies we hope to one day have the chance to hold in our hands.  

As such we thought we might share some great ways to celebrate earth day and once again talk about how we are our best advocates for just how well we labor to feed our passion.  Small ponds can become unbalanced with the wrong amounts of different fish species.  Too many predators and not enough bait fish and you will find that growth begins to be stunted.  Small antlered deer can continue to reproduce and create an imbalance as well as not be the breed type that will promote the species.

But one of the largest ways we help out passion is through our creation and honing of our habitats.  People who have the land, lakes and passion spend countless hours perfecting the ground we hold dear.  Planting of specific crops, planting of trees for cover, creating brush for fish to spawn and survive around, all these things not only celebrate Earth Day but help promote it's core beliefs.

So we honor our members and supporters for helping us to promote Mother Nature and all she provides!  Here's to you and the future of what is in our blood and our passion.

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Friday, 27 September 2013 21:10

Weekend Project

September 28th which is Saturday is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  As such we only find it fitting that we also celebrate it as National Shotem and Caughtem Day.  

To celebrate our national day of honor we felt it only fitting to give some stuff away.  Our Great Partners at Weston Products, Anglers Choice and Stack-On Products have all chipped in for a great holiday celebration.  

So here are the rules.  On Saturday/Shotem and Caughtem Day, if you become a member and post a photo you will be entered in the random drawing to win either some Weston Spice for Jerky and Sausage, some great Bass Lures from Anglers Choice, or a stack on small handgun safe.  

The cool thing is that anyone who becomes a member and uploads a photo will be contacted so we can send you some free Shotem and Caughtem Merchandise.

So help us celebrate National Shotem and Caughtem Day!

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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 15:37

Shotem And Caughtem Independence Day

We at Shotem and Caughtem have been reading a lot of comments on the intraweb these days regarding the bashing of the everyday hunter and fisherman/woman.  We felt this week was a perfect week to add our two cents on the subject.  As many of our members and followers will attest too, the sport of hunting and fishing encompasses much more than the aspect of killing animals for sport.  It involves all the things that this country has to offer in it's freedoms and what many hope to achieve.  

Nothing makes this more evident than the celebration of our Independence.  The freedom of outdoorsmen/women that allows us to enjoy all mother nature has to offer and do it with those closest to us.  A time to reflect on our life and how we are only a small piece of the puzzle.  

We conserve to allow future generations the chance to learn what we have in the great outdoors.  The learning experience that even with hard work and dedication to our sport that challenges and disappointment are all part of what gets us so excited when our hard work pays off.  It is why we created the Shotem and Caughtem site dedicated to helping everyone learn, share and most of all brag!

With all the news out there regarding the genetic altering and medications used in our everyday food why would anyone try to bash those who want to procure naturally fed animals as part of our food source.  No drugs, no extra meds to enlarge animals for higher profit, no pesticides, just what mother nature intended.  A fresh off the land fed piece of meat.  They have a different taste.  Whether it is a well preserved cut of meat or a fresh line caught fish they have a great quality taste.  The thrill of procuring that animal, most of the time, is just a bonus.

We would like all of those who read this to have a fun July 4th celebration.  We hope you have a chance to enjoy all the freedoms many take for granted or sometimes over look.  Take the chance to enjoy this much needed break with those closest to you and have a little fun in the great outdoors.  Take time to thank those who helped us achieve those freedoms and keep them.  Most of all we hope you stay safe and share your fourth of July celebrations in the galleries and share your story.

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