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Friday, 02 August 2013 20:07

Notice Anything New to the Website

We at Shotem and Caughtem have added some great new things to the website we thought were worth mentioning.  As we told you a couple of weeks ago we have made it so you can have you very own hunting and fishing profile gallery on the site.  It gives you a place to show all those around you your trial and tribulations while in the great outdoors.  Example: www.shotemandcaughtem.com/chauncey 

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We at Shotem and Caughtem learned that tommorrow is the start of one of the largest Blue Marlin Fishing Tournaments in the Gulf Coast and thought it was news worthy.  Nothing says fishing like landing one of these fine animals on a rod and reel.  Fighting these fish can take hours of endurance and patience.  So we felt it only right to let others know should they have the opportunity to join the party and see what gets hauled into shore.

One of the largest fishing tournaments on the Gulf Coast kicks off in Orange Beach tonight. 

Dubbed "The Greatest Show in Sport fishing", The Gulf Coast's premier Blue Marlin Grand Championship of the gulf, will open with a welcoming crew party for participants. 

The Brian Hill Band will provide live entertainment and the, Release Marine 'Triple Crown Challenge fighting chair contest will begin. 

This is the second year for the tournament which has sold out all 50 positions in the event. 

Officials say this is the first time since 2005, a major Invitational tournament in the northern gulf has reached sold out status. 

They say the tournament has participants from across the gulf coast, spanning from Louisiana to Tarpon Springs Fla. and as far away as South Carolina, Delaware and the British Virgin Islands.

Officials say team events begin Wednesday, July 10 with team check-ins, seminars, the official tournament rules meetings and an evening street party at the Wharf.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have the opportunity to be apart of this event and as always post your fishing photos to the galleries and tell us your story.

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We at Shotem and Caughtem have had the opportunity to try noodling.  We can only say it is a humbling experience to say the least.  Nothing is more un-nerving than swimming down in merky water that limits your vision down to inches and then sticking your hand in a hole where you know you are probably going to get bitten.  So when we heard that the Champion of the annual Okie Noodling Festival was a 19 year old girl we thought it was note worthy.

Lucy Millsap, 19, of Quinlan, Texas, took first place Saturday at the Okie Noodling Festival in Pauls Valley with her 72-pound flathead catfish. She was among 200 hand fishermen who competed for the prize.  Contestants had 24 hours to catch a catfish with their hands and bring it back alive to Wacker Park in Pauls Valley by the 6 p.m. Saturday weigh-in.  While the crowd waited for noodling teams to arrive, kids feasted on catfish in an eating contest.  What began as a film promotion experiment with a crowd of 500 has turned into an annual summer festival that draws about 10,000 people from across the country.  

Lucy also happens to be a part of an all woman Noodling group called Bare Knuckle Babes.  What seems to be becoming a trend, like the queens of camo, these women are hand-picked, fearless, beautiful women who want to bring world-wide notice to the sport of Catfish Noodling, fishing, and hunting as well as the WOMEN involved!  These ladies want to inspire other women and girls to join exhilarating outdoor sports.  If you want to learn more about the group visit www.bareknucklebabes.com 

We hope if you have ever experienced noodling that you might share your stories in the comment section below or share to one of the galleries.

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We at Shotem and Caughtem are very excited about the new changes coming to the website which should increase our members love of this already great Hunting and Fishing Social Network.  

The first change has already been made which is the addition of the Shotem and Caughtem of the month.  This will be a monthly contest where the winners will get an entire months worth of bragging rights being featured with your story on the main page as well as some great prizes.  We will be hooking up with a wide variety of different sponsors to offer new prizes every month.  We will post these prizes for the following month on that months winners page so visit often to find out what you might win.

Contest rules are pretty simple.

1.  Email your prize winning photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.  We will take your photo and add our logo to the picture so that people know who has entered that month.

3.  Contest winners will be decided prior to the end of the month by which logo photo in the Caughtem or Shotem Gallery has the most likes and comments.

4.  We will then e mail you to get the full Bragging rights story to add to your award winning photo that will be posted in the appropriate section.

5.  At the end of the month those who had entered their photos will be taken down and we will start fresh so as new members come to the site everyone has a fair shot.

6.  The last week of the month all contest photos will be removed and re-posted and the process starts all over again.  We will correlate photos based on when they arrive in that month and let you know when to expect your photo to be posted and which month your contest entry will start.  We will only have contests for the Shotem and Caughtem of the month when we have enough support so tell your friends.

7.  Don't let the fact that you have entered multiple times or with photos taken from way back in the day stop you from entering.  

8.  Their is one unbreakable rule however, we do not support false braggers.  Should you be selected as the winner we will ask that you provide some addition photos from other adventures to verify you as the appropriate bragger so no cheating.   

So get bragging and we will let you know as soon as we have enough entries when our very first Shotem and Caughtem Contest will start and the cool prizes that will be available.  

Stay tuned for some more great changes that will be happening to the website soon.  We think it will help us solidify ourselves as the Best Hunting and Fishing Social Network on the World Wide Web.  


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Contest rules and information:

We will be adding three new sections to the home page of the website in the near future.  They are Shotem of the Week, Caughtem of the Week, and Recipe of the week.  You must follow the rules listed below to have your photo be apart of the selection process for a weekly Winner, however, we reserve the right to use this space as we so choose and there might not be a new winner every week.  Winning members will be chosen by us, likes from members and will receive some free Shotem and Caughtem Merchandise for being featured in one of these three categories.  Winners will be rewarded swag so that they will no longer have to search the truck or boat for something to write on or with.  


1.  Only members of the Shotem and Caughtem Website are considered for the Contest so make sure you are a member of the website.  You must be able to prove that it is your photo since it must be you in the photo to win.  No false bragging, those end up in the Mishaps Gallery!

2.  Must be a photo that pertains to one of the three categories. (Shotem, Caughtem, or a recipe from the Gear Section)

3.  In order for us to know if you would like to be included in the Contest we ask two things.  The photo must say "Shotem And Caughtem" somewhere.  You could type it into the photo on your computer,  use one of the logos off our site, write it on a piece of paper/on a piece of toilet paper and have it with you in the photo, or scratch it into the print, we will not discriminate, but it must be legible and easy to see.  The photos below are a great example.  

4.  We ask you to provide some details on what you have going on in the photo.  For example, the photo below is of me and my buddy and the pheasants we killed while we were out in Southwest Kansas.  We were hunting crop circles with a group of friends.  He was using a 20g benelli and I was using a 12g 870.   We had a blast!  You could also provide stats.  For example,  "5lb bass caught on Table Rock Lake near the bank with a watermelon lizard as bait.  It was 8am and about 60 degrees out."  The more info we have the better.  Provide your name, location, size, or what you used.  We will take as much info as you are willing to provide.  We might even e mail you to find out more if your photo is selected.

5.  Should your photo be selected, you will be notified by e mail and be asked to provide an mailing address where we can send your prize.  Your photo will be shared as our weekly winner across many different media platforms.  We will not share your personal information (name, address, etc) but will share the link to the post on the website.  Beware! If you do not want to provide this information or want us to brag to others we ask that you not enter the contest!

As the website grows prizes will continue to change so keep your photos coming.  You never know what you might get.  Once you recieve your free swag we hope you might brag about your prize in the gear section of the website.  That's why were all here anyway right?  To share, brag and connect with others about our outdoor experiences!  Spring is here so get out and start the Shotem and Caughtem season and win some cool free prizes!  


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