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Friday, 27 September 2013 21:10

Weekend Project

September 28th which is Saturday is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  As such we only find it fitting that we also celebrate it as National Shotem and Caughtem Day.  

To celebrate our national day of honor we felt it only fitting to give some stuff away.  Our Great Partners at Weston Products, Anglers Choice and Stack-On Products have all chipped in for a great holiday celebration.  

So here are the rules.  On Saturday/Shotem and Caughtem Day, if you become a member and post a photo you will be entered in the random drawing to win either some Weston Spice for Jerky and Sausage, some great Bass Lures from Anglers Choice, or a stack on small handgun safe.  

The cool thing is that anyone who becomes a member and uploads a photo will be contacted so we can send you some free Shotem and Caughtem Merchandise.

So help us celebrate National Shotem and Caughtem Day!

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Friday, 14 June 2013 20:42

Happy Father's Day

We at Shotem and Caughtem thought we would finish the week with a little tribute to our fathers.  We can only hope that we turn out to be the men that our fathers have been for us.  I don't think we have said nearly enough times how much we appreciate all that our fathers have done and given us.  Of course the most important thing they have instilled in our minds is the love of the great outdoors.  A sense of respect that we are only here for a minute and should take nothing we have been given or those in our lives for granted.  I don't know that we can ever repay those men that have influenced our lives since the day we were born. 

We only hope that through our communication, which we try to do every day, they realize just how much they mean to us.  For this we hope all of you will do the same thing we have planned.  Grab some ice cold beers, the fishing poles and/or rifles and head out to spend a little time with our Dad's.  For those of you that can not do the same on Sunday we hope that when you do get the chance you just make up your own Father's Day on any of the other 365 days this year.  Just cause it's not Father's Day doesn't mean he won't enjoy the time.  Happy Father's Day to all the Shotem and Caughtem Dad's we hope you all have a great weekend!

As always leave your comments in the section below and share what you did on your Father's Day in the Gallery and tell us your story.

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