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What to get that special someone who loves to hunt and fish

For those that have the passion for the great outdoors what to get us for the holidays is a list that could fill a months worth of blogs.  The list would range from the common items such as outer wear, ammo, lures and line to the more specific "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" for a little Christmas story refresher quote.  To the outdoors man/woman it should be easy to walk through the store and find something we would love to have in our bag or inventory. 

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Christmas Ideas For Hunters and Fisherman/woman

We at Shotem and Caughtem split our Xmas gift ideas into two separate blogs so that we could hunt for some of the last minute savings available prior to the holidays.  Yes even us at Shotem and Caughtem have been known to procrastinate till the last minute.  So here are some added ideas for the outdoorsman/woman in your life.


In part one of our blog we discussed a angler can never have too many lures.  The same goes for the hunter.  You can never have too much ammo.  Even if you see bulk or boxes of ammo around you will never here a person say "I think I have too much ammo".   No matter the time of season, whether it will be used right away, no one that hunts will hate to get more ammo.  So just take a peak and see what caliber of ammo your hunter has and go grab a couple more boxes   or buy in bulk practice rounds for a great family or partner outing.  Either way you can't go wrong.  For the cheapest per box ammo, Walmart seems to have the best every day prices even though you can find some deals when they become available at Cabelas, Dicks, Academy Sports or Bass Pro.

Great Bulk Ammo Prices

Adding Bells and Whistles to any Firearm

This can seem like a daunting task for anyone who does not directly know the ends and outs of firearms or needs for the hunter.  As such we will help you by adding in some hot questions into your conversations to find the perfect addition.  

If you could add anything to your "favorite" hunting rifle/pistol what would it be?

If you had a better way to carry your gun would you use it?

Are you missing anything to have the perfect hunting pack?

Just some ideas as answers.  There are always scope additions, lights, bipods, extra magazines, holsters, slings or in the field equipment hunters would like to have but have not spent the money to get for themselves.  Some might have a great LED headlamp to get into the field but have not splurged to get a red light which tends to not scare wildlife.  All hunters have a functioning sling or holster for their favorite gun.  They might not have a really nice leather sling or holster due to practical cost.  As one hunter put it so well you can never have too many nice, sharp knives in your pack for skinning, hacking or boning animals.  If you have a bird hunter you can not go wrong with getting them a Kicks Industry choke tube for their favorite Shotgun.  

Locking Up your precious Guns and Valuables

Looking for a great gift for the both of you?  Now a days safes are built for locking up more than just guns.  Stack-On products has a safe to answer any needs.  Whether you are locking up guns, jewelry or other personal belongings Stack-On Products makes a safe to suit not only an individual but a whole family's security needs. 

Survival Gear for the Outdoors

We can not tell you how many people we hunt and fish with do not go out with some kind of a survival pack.  Even just some basics like rubbing alcohol or band aids.  Just hitting your local pharmacy and getting some basic necessities can make a great stocking stuffer and make sure your hunter or angler can fix even simple cuts and scraps.  Want to go a bit further.  They now make a simple trauma kit in a bag for sale at many of the large outdoor retailers.  The human being needs the three basics in the outdoors.  Water, fire and shelter.  Providing some basics to help achieve these three basic needs can be the difference in the field or on the water.  

A Community for those Who Hunt and/or Fish

Yes this last one is free and a shameless plug.  Letting friends and family know about Shotem and Caughtem.  A social network built around those who love the great outdoors.  A place to share with the world their adventures by land or by water.  We hope you have a great holiday and get some quality time in outdoors!


Thursday, 13 June 2013 01:25

Father's Day Gift Idea Day 3

For Day 3 of Father's Day Gift Idea we at Shotem and Caughtem are going after the younger generations for this one.  Should you be starting your summer break from school, 18 or older or know someone who is and have a little extra time we have a great suggestion.  With the recent ammo shortage finding ammo priced right requires a little time to stand in line.  If you have the time we have some ideas on how you might score your Dad a little extra bang this Father's Day.

Large chains that have ammo such as Cabela's, Gander Mountain, Walmart, Bass Pro get their shipments during certain times of the week.  Though they are not sure as to what is coming in on their shipments we do know what has been working in our neck of the woods.  However, there is a twist because they might not get your ammo in on any specific shipment so it might take a couple of tries to get what you are after.

Walmart is getting in shipments every other day and most of the time you can get your hands on what has come in around nine o'clock in the morning.  By lunch it is gone.

Gander Mountain gets their shipments in every Tuesday and you have to be in line Wednesday morning by eight and stand around til they open at nine.  They to are sold out usually in a couple of hours.

Cabelas gets shipments in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they too are usual out of ammo in a couple of hours.

So should you have the ability during the week to afford a little time to stand in line you might just score that favorite Dad a little box of fun.  As a bonus they come wrapped already so that saves a little cash. 

Let us know what has been working in your area in the comment section below.  Any Dad with a gun can never have too much ammo.  It might even allow you and your Dad to spend a little extra quality time at your favorite range to say thanks.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 21:58

Father's Day Hunting Gift Idea Day 2

It is day two of gift ideas for that hunting and fishing Father in your life and we at Shotem and Caughtem thought we would start with a great gift for the hunting father in your life.  One of our top best items in our hunting stock would be a trail camera.  This wonderful little device offers us the ability to see what is in different areas of our hunting properties when we are not around.  It tells us whether or not we are providing our respected animals with the appropriate wants and needs that we insure success as hunting season approaches.  They allow us to consistantly monitor and enhance different areas.  The avid hunter will never have enough cameras.  However, if they do have all their camera needs met, there are a variety of supporting options avalable.

Supporting items for trail cameras are endless.  Whether it be wireless web adaptations, small viewing and downloading screens for your sd cards or even different ways to attach the cameras in places that don't have a proper tree.  There are plenty of different devices in varying price ranges based on your budget that can increase the ease by which your dad can access or view the results from his hard work.

When it comes to trail cameras there are a couple of options that we would recommend a trail camera have to increase their longevity and effectiveness.  There are good reasons for and against whether or not a camera has a flash.  Good reason is that the cameras with a flash have a lower in price.  Bad reason is should you want to capture people treading on your hunting spot the flash will give your camera position away and probably cost you a camera.  Many cameras these days are all digital.  These cameras though user friendly seem to not have the longevity due to them being in the elements day after day.  They are also hard to program with bulky clothing.  We have found that a camera that has switches to program times, delays and number of shots offer more advantages and tend to last longer.  Date and time stamps are a must and should not be over looked.      

If you have or used some great products in this realm we would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below or post photos in the gear section and tell us how your set up has enhanced your favorite hunting spot.

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