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Thursday, 24 October 2013 21:07

Why we Hunt

We at Shotem and Caughtem heard the news that NBC has decided not to run their latest installment of their Into the Wild show due to too many people being upset by the depiction of an Elephant being hunted.  We too have had some comments on our Facebook page about what a bad sport hunting and fishing is and how we should not be advocating bragging about our adventures in the Great Outdoors.  

Lucky for us we have a resident expert on African Safari Hunting.  We have had many lengthy discussions on their efforts and what they are all about.  Mario Conservancy maintains a herd of multiple animals on their land.  They try to regulate a perfect balance so that all their animals are capable of thriving.  As such sometimes older, unhealthy or over populated animal species need to be balanced.  They use this as a way to make a little money so that they continue creating the perfect environment for their animals.  Note:  All their efforts surround the animal species not how big can we get them so people can shoot them.  It is at the core of anyone who truly cherishes the sport.  As is the case with everything humans do a few bad apples can derail even the majority of those who love the sport and treat it as such.  


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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 19:28

Hunting and Fishing Survival

With the recent rescue of 5 fisherman in the Bering Sea it has reminded us at Shotem and Caughtem that many of us might take things for granted when heading out to the field or water.  With the weather changing into fall here in the U.S and many of us heading out to hunt or fish we felt it was a good time to remind ourselves about good things to throw in our tackle boxes, backpacks or vehicles for the OS factor.

Many of the worst stories come from those who do not prepare for the worst case situation.  When close to civilization many of us take for granted that help is always close.  Sometimes things happen that can cause things to go south fast.  

Some of the most important things to make sure one has in their possession or close by in any situation are fairly inexpensive and easy to have around.  First like Bear Grylls taught us a good knife is a necessity.  Second is water.  Third would be a lighter and if you want to add a little insurance a medicine bottle with vasoline soaked cotton balls.  Four would be a pack of your favorite protein/carbohydrate filled snack.  These are mere basics but should increase your chance of making it out of most tough situations that might only last a day or two.  We feel they should be close by at all times.  

From these four basics and your length of time to potentially be out for longer periods you can begin to add other essentials.  Coat and Gloves, basic medical pack, proper side arm, bite kits, cordage, plastic tarp etc.

Let us know your basic pack in the comment section below and remember to be safe.  Fall is here and that means the weather and Mother Nature will be changing their tunes.  Most of all be safe and share your stories to the photo galleries!

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Monday, 21 October 2013 21:33

Pheasant Hunting Season in the Midwest

With South Dakota's opener for Pheasant Hunting Season we thought we would take a look at what has been reported from the Midwest.  With the cold temperatures and drought conditions in the Midwest this season's pheasant hunt should be more than interesting.  From the reports throughout the Midwest the season could be less than exciting.  Let us know how things are looking in your area prior to your states opener in the comment section below.

Estimates show a 64 percent drop from last year in the state's pheasant population. That's from roadside survey results released by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks in August.  A couple harsh winters in recent years, last year's drought and this year's late spring have all been factors.
This severe weather in June that combined large hail and damaging winds dished an additional blow to pheasants around the Spink and Beadle County lines.

Runia says the birds have less habitat. There's less native prairie in South Dakota than there used to be. And the number of acres in CRP, which is a federal program paying landowners to set land aside for conservation, has dropped steadily in the state since 2007.  Unfortunately, estimated pheasant numbers are lower than they've been in years.  And this seems to be the trend across much of the Midwest.


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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 17:53

Perfect Storm Bad for Moose

We at Shotem and Caughtem thought we would pass along some information so that the hunting community could help aid in research surrounding a large population decrease in Moose which will have a large effect on hunting permits.  Researchers are trying to figure out causes associated with a halving of Moose population across a wide range of the North American continent.  

Three things seem to be having the greatest effect on the Moose.  Weather, Bugs and Food.  Shorter winters and increase temperatures are causing the cool friendly Moose to work harder to keep their body temperatures low.  Because of the warmer temperatures bugs such as beetles who eat the Moose cover, ticks and worms that carry disease they are causing more Moose to become sick.  These bugs are also causing a depletion of trees that the Moose use for cover from predators, regulate body temperature and as a food source.  

The declining Moose population could cause more problems than just for hunters.  As always many species are dependent on Moose.  Their a food source for apex predators, keep forage low for birds and trees trimmed for other herbivores.  

We can help scientist answer questions when out in the field.  Providing data from the Moose we make contact with such as location, health, and looking the animal over when it comes to coats, horns etc could all be vital information to help to cause.  Contact the Minnesota Department of Wildlife which seems to be the one spear heading the research should you have any information on Moose in your area http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/index.html 

As always keep posting photos and leave your comments in the section below.  It is part of our duty as hunters to help make sure future generations get the opportunity to hunt these majestic animals.   


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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 17:49

A Passion for Hunting and Fishing

So we at Shotem and Caughtem last night needed a break from our normal world and relax a little.  We decided to partake in a little rest and relaxation away from Mother Nature and attend the Eagles concert here in town.  Now bare with us for a minute cause it all relates to the hunting and fishing community.  All I can say is wow.  After over 40 years in the music industrial the band from the Eagles has not lost one step.  Voices, harmonies, and great riffs all made for the perfect evening.  What caught my attention the most was the band, most of which have to be in their early sixties, were having an absolute blast.  

We were immediately reminded of what takes us out into the Great Outdoors, time and time again.  Just this last weekend we found a unique hidden gem.  A cool old barn perched perfectly in an absolutely breathtaking angle with the perfect sunset.  And that is when the two worlds collided.  It is a passion and love for what we do that makes us so excited to see where this website could end up.  Could we become the ultimate place for hunters and fisherman/woman around the world come to share their adventures.  Great or small they all add up to one common thread.  An appreciation and connection to all we have the chance to see and discover in mother nature.  Best of all it never gets old!

For those of us devoted outdoorsman/woman it is so much more than the kill.  We never even saw one animal close enough in range but that sunset was all we needed to take away from that day.  It is what takes us out time and time again.  You never know what you might see and experience or Shotem and Caughtem!  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and keep posting your adventures to the galleries so that we can brag together.


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We at Shotem and Caughtem wanted to celebrate the successes of the website so far and inform others of all the benefits it has to offer those who love the great outdoors.  Shotem and Caughtem is so much more than just a bragging wall for all your adventures, gear and mishaps.  Once a member of this great social network you have the ability to house all your hunting and fishing photos, create groups with just your friends, create discussions to get others feedback all while in an open community to allow you to connect with anyone in the entire community.

Just think of the possibilities!  Want to go hunting in South Africa?  We have a member that has grown up there her whole life and loves to hunt and fish.  She has been a great resource to ask questions on the subject of sustainable hunting in a region where poaching is a norm.  She is also a woman who provides a different perspective to the hunting world just like another member of ours Candace.  Her work on informing more woman about the exciting world has been impressive.  She hopes to become a great advocate for woman and hunting and has also been a great resource for our community on Shotem and Caughtem.  

In just eight months we can not be more pleased with how things have progressed.  We are adding more and more new people everyday.  We feel blessed that many of our members have become such great friends as well as assets.  We hope you bring more people into the scope so that we may increase the great community we are working so hard to create.  

Come help us create a great community you too would like to call your hunting and fishing home.  Leave us your ideas in the comment section below and let us know how we can help you increase your experience on our site.  Hope you have a great Shotem and Caughtem Weekend!

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Thursday, 03 October 2013 21:58

Woman in Hunting, Why Now

We as Hunters and Fisherman/woman love our sports because everyone has a different story as to why they love the sports and the great outdoors.  Many of the up and coming hunters have had a bit of change in gender.  What once was a sport mainly dominated by men, more and more females have started to realize the passion and found the addiction to hunting.  As they proudly began to join the ranks we at Shotem and Caughtem found it fitting to ask one of our members who has been a huge influence on bringing more woman to the sport her opinion.  Lucky for us she was more than excited to help us out and give a different view.  Should you like to discuss more on the subject we have created a discussion to ask questions and find out more from the female perspective (http://www.shotemandcaughtem.com/groups-main/viewdiscussion/12-woman-the-hunting-and-fishing-experience?groupid=2).  Other wise you could just friend Candace and ask her direct through her profile link at   http://www.shotemandcaughtem.com/camocandace_52

For as much progress as woman have made in the hunting industry there are still some skeptics out there who are either uneducated on why women belong in there or are just afraid of change. The old saying of women belonging in the kitchen or at home raising children is long overdue for modification. Sure a woman should probably know how to cook, but why can’t it be to cook wild game that she harvested on her own? Sure a woman should be spending time raising her children, but why can’t it be outside, in the field, with the man, together, teaching morals and values and exploring the outdoors? Who said ‘raising children’ had to be indoors?

I bring this up to reiterate my passion of introducing women to the outdoors because it is a necessity in today’s world. Women have an entirely different perspective on any topic and can bring their opinion to any situation; so why not the outdoors too? It breaks my heart when I tell other women that I hunt and love the outdoors and they think it’s barbaric or dirty or not ladylike. There are so many extremes of being outdoors that any female, no matter how ‘girly’ she might be, can enjoy something. From bird watching and mountain climbing to harvesting a big game animal, cleaning it, packing it out, and cooking it; there is something for every woman out there.

So why women and why now? I personally do not have children, but I know how I was raised and I see some of the behaviors of children that are unacceptable and growing into the majority. Not only do women need to feel empowered by the outdoors, but mothers have a massive influence on their children; some would say more than fathers at times. Their actions are imprinted on a child at such an early age when kids just want to be like their parents. Introducing children to the outdoors, especially from a mother or woman’s perspective is pure, wholesome, and necessary. Now is the time to start the movement of getting more children outdoors before it’s too late; before children only know of nature through a game on their smart phone, or that their food always comes from the nearest grocery store. 

Women are changing the outdoor industry’s perspective and although slow at times, are adapting their products and services to a woman’s needs. Clothing, hunting weapons, safety harnesses, colors, unique products, and even entire hunting outfitters and expeditions are being affected dramatically by the drive of the woman; in a positive way too! Now is the time to create a surge, a movement, and a following to keep the momentum alive. Women in the outdoors will not only influence other women, but will greatly impact the younger generations to come.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.   


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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 16:38

Fall Turkey Season is Here

With large game hunting seasons here or beginning to go into full swing we wanted to also talk a little about Fall Turkey Season.  We at Shotem and Caughtem feel it is a perfect time to add that delicious wild bird to your thanksgiving table.  For those big game rifle hunters it offers a perfect time before the season begins.  It also allows, pheasant and quail hunters and goose/duck hunters, a perfect subject to sharpen their stalking skills.

Hunting techniques are different during the fall season. In the spring, turkeys are well into their nesting season and only toms (birds with a visible beard) are legal to harvest. Spring hunters commonly use calls simulating a hen turkey to attract toms into shotgun range. During the fall season, turkeys are gathering into winter flocks and their focus is finding food. Fall hunting is often a matter of finding birds, scouting their feeding areas and setting up an ambush point. Pop-up blinds are very effective for turkey hunting because keen eyesight is the wild turkey’s main line of defense. Movement at the wrong time is the hunter’s biggest enemy.

Calls can be successfully used in the fall, using turkeys’ natural instinct to seek safety in numbers. A hunting technique common in southern states is to break up a flock of turkeys, sometimes using a dog to scatter the birds, then hiding quietly as the birds begin to re-group. Birds will make a “kee-run” call to locate flock members, and the hunter can use this call to an advantage. Again, good camouflage and well-timed movements are keys to success.

As always leave your comments on the subject below and post your photos to the galleries and tell us your story.


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Monday, 30 September 2013 22:07

RacktoberFest GiveAway

Tomorrow we will begin celebrating the Deer Hunting Season by trying to increase our member base.  We at Shotem and Caughtem could see no better way to help get more hunters to start posting photos to the site than to give away free stuff.  As such to celebrate the beginning of many states deer, elk and moose hunting seasons we created a special shirt in honor of the Racktoberfest Season.  For every person, member or new member, that posts a photo of their Hunting Glory, we will provide you with a link to purchase a Myracksbigger.com t-shirt for 5 dollars (which just covers part of our shipping costs).  T-shirts will be printed at the end of the Racktoberfest month and ship out the first part of November.  We hope all of our members and followers will help us spread the word about this fun giveaway and start enjoying all Shotem and Caughtem has to offer.

Let us know how we can help you get the word out in the comment section below and start posting your photos to the galleries.   


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Friday, 27 September 2013 21:10

Weekend Project

September 28th which is Saturday is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  As such we only find it fitting that we also celebrate it as National Shotem and Caughtem Day.  

To celebrate our national day of honor we felt it only fitting to give some stuff away.  Our Great Partners at Weston Products, Anglers Choice and Stack-On Products have all chipped in for a great holiday celebration.  

So here are the rules.  On Saturday/Shotem and Caughtem Day, if you become a member and post a photo you will be entered in the random drawing to win either some Weston Spice for Jerky and Sausage, some great Bass Lures from Anglers Choice, or a stack on small handgun safe.  

The cool thing is that anyone who becomes a member and uploads a photo will be contacted so we can send you some free Shotem and Caughtem Merchandise.

So help us celebrate National Shotem and Caughtem Day!

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