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Monday, 06 May 2013 22:52

Midwest Turkey Hunting Last Weekend

We at Shotem and Caughtem ventured out again last weekend hoping the warmer and colder weather might have broken up the turkey allowing us to call them in this weekend.  As you can see from the lack of photos we were again unsuccessful.  Though our buddy seemed to be in the right place last weekend, we again this weekend witnessed that many of the toms and jakes were still henned up.  Due to this reason we were not able to break them away from each other and lure them into our decoys.  We are planning to make another trip out soon and hope that the warmer forecast will increase our odds of a successful hunt.  Let us know if your still in turkey season what patterns you have witnessed in the comment section below.  As always brag about your accomplishments in the Shotem Wall.  We hope that some of us soon will be able to play the my beard is longer game!


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Well in true Shotem and Caughtem style this dynamic duo now holds a husband/wife largest blue catfish caught in the state of Kansas title.  Stephanie Stanley, of Olathe, got hers when she reeled in a 82.05-pound blue catfish at Milford Reservoir on Saturday.  As big as it is, though, it was about 20 pounds shy of her tournament partner/husband’s best-ever blue catfish. Robert Stanley holds the current state record for blue catfish at 102.8 pounds, caught from the Missouri River on August 11 of last year.  So you have a state record lake catch by the wife and the state river record by the husband.  We just thought this was too cool and wanted to share the couples unique and fun record.  Plus that is definitely a catch for the caughtem wall.  Show us your big catch this fishing season and tell us your stories in the comment section below.    
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Thursday, 24 January 2013 23:25

Kansas Fall Turkey Season

The 2012-2013 fall turkey season is coming to a close, but not before Kansas hunters get one last chance to bag their late-season bird. From Jan. 14-31, hunters will have the opportunity to hunt turkey once more in any of the five open units. The next opportunity to hunt Kansas turkey won’t come again until the beginning of April, so it’s time to hit the blind one last time!

Fall permit holders can hunt Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 for fall turkey and may only hunt within the management unit printed on their permits. In addition, hunters must have a Kansas hunting license, unless exempt by law. Any hunter with a fall turkey permit can purchase as many as three turkey game tags during the fall season, valid in Units 2, 3, 5 and 6. During the fall season, both toms and hens may be taken.

The 2013 spring turkey season will begin with the archery, youth/disabled season, April 1-9, and the firearm season will run April 10 - May 31.  This happens to be the time of year when we at shotemandcaughtem love to break out our decoys and start calling in the big boys.  Even though we saw plenty of turkey this fall......when they were not in season we have not got to shoot one this fall so show us what you were able to do this fall on our shotem gallery!


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