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Changing Feral Hog Population Control Tactics

We at Shotem and Caughtem have not been quiet when it comes to our distaste of the feral hog species.  Our willingness to go to great lengths to help others hunt, kill and pursue their entire population.  However, the Missouri Department of Wildlife is changing its stance on their see all....kill them all policy potentially on all their federal lands.  They are starting to think that trapping might have a greater effect on the hog populations.  They are hoping that private properties also follow suit.

Here is the article should you wish to read more on the development.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013 15:46

Missouri The Dove Hunting State

If you have the love for hunting Dove like us at Shotem and Caughtem then Missouri might be the place to go this dove season.  Not only have they raised the number of birds one can hold from 30-45 but they have done some impressive work to make sure there are plenty of public access fields planted to help drive the birds in and keep them around.  Thanks to the Missouri Conservation Department we know what is happening this season in the state.  


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