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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 22:24

Alligator Hunting in Texas

We at Shotem and Caughtem were not aware that the State of Texas had a hunting season for alligators.  We were made aware that the season started April 1st and we thought we would pass along the details.  Sounds like Texas might be able to run their own version of Swamp People we think a good title might be Lone Star Gator.  Let us know if you have ever had the opportunity to hunt gators and leave your comments or suggestions in the comment section below or share your photos in the Shotem and Caughtem galleries.

With the open season in progress for gators in non-core counties, hunters are hoping to harvest one of the 250,000 alligators living in Texas.

The open season in non-core counties occurs April 1 through June 30.  During this time, hunters can only take gators on private property with the permission of the landowner.  

During the spring gator season, alligator hide tags are issued to private landowners. Biologists research private lands to determine the amount of gators living on their area and, depending on the gator population, tags are given out to the owners. The owners can then charge hunters to fill those tags. The “non-core” counties allow one alligator per person, per season and all hunters are required to have a valid hunting license. 

Game wardens are made aware of how many tags are given in their areas, which gives them an idea of where hunters will be during the season. Angleton Game Warden Capt. Nick Harmon keeps his eye on how many gators are taken and where they are taken. 

On private lands in the non-core counties, gators cannot be taken by firearm, but can be dispatched by firearm if caught by a taking device. 

Harmon said that even though using a firearm may be legal to dispatch an animal, he insists that hunters check with any city regulations before discharging a firearm.  

In many instances, gators wander from public creeks to private lakes. In that case, the landowner can use one of his tags to take a gator if it’s in season. If it’s not, even though the gator is on their property and possibly a danger, the owner cannot kill that gator. If the gator is killed without a tag, the landowner can be subject to a fine. 


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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 22:15

Elk Hunting Public Lands in Chama, NM

We at ShotemandCaughtem this last Elk season got the opportunity to go on an Elk hunt in Chama, New Mexico.  It is one of the prime hunting grounds for public access hunting of Elk any where in Colorado.  Only a limited number of permits are given out each year and we were lucky to tag along with a couple of folks that have hunted this area for over a decade.  6 guys, 2 Kawasaki mules, 3 horses and enough equipment to allow us to be stuck on the mountain for more than a week (even though permits only last 4 days) made the long and difficult track up the mountain to base camp.  Our 2 Kawasaki mules barely fit through the vehicle gate loaded to the hilt with supplies.  Even hunters were impressed that we were able to squeeze through.  The trail up to our base camp was difficult.  Though we started out in nice weather, as we moved higher in elevation we went through rain, then snow, then rain, and then snow.  The trails for the off road vehicles is not for the inexperienced.  Steep inclines and declines mixed with rock trails and river crossings make for an interesting and difficult journey.  However, once we reached base camp and were able to get things set up we could not ask for a more breathe taking view.  The trip to our base camp from the public parking point took approximately 4 hours by UTV and 2.5 hours by horseback (the horses get a straighter path).  We had three in our group who had Elk tags to fill and 3 of us to hang around camp, fish the ponds for trout and run around with our .22 rifles and shoot small game for dinners.  Once camp was set, the three with tags ventured to the top of the ridge in the photo to camp for the night and hunt opening morning.  Though we came with some comforts of home (tent, sleeping bags, rifles, axes, lights, snacks, etc), our primary source of warmth and water would come from the woods around camp and boiling water from a stream which flowed from Chama Lake close to camp.  It is a true test to any hunter to be this far off the grid but in this country it was worth the trip.  Though we only came home with one bull, we were able to run into a flock of Grouse during our adventures and have a wonderful fresh dinner one night.  I had never had Grouse before and I highly recommend it.  Our trout fishing was not as fruitful but the hike, scenery and weather minus the first day was awesome.  If you have never traveled to the area it makes for an absolute awesome camping experience when the weather is right and we plan on heading out this summer when the weather might be more forgiving to see more of the area.  Let us know about your experiences in Chama if you have ever been and as always post your photos to Shotem and Caughtem and share your story.



Thursday, 24 January 2013 23:25

Kansas Fall Turkey Season

The 2012-2013 fall turkey season is coming to a close, but not before Kansas hunters get one last chance to bag their late-season bird. From Jan. 14-31, hunters will have the opportunity to hunt turkey once more in any of the five open units. The next opportunity to hunt Kansas turkey won’t come again until the beginning of April, so it’s time to hit the blind one last time!

Fall permit holders can hunt Units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 for fall turkey and may only hunt within the management unit printed on their permits. In addition, hunters must have a Kansas hunting license, unless exempt by law. Any hunter with a fall turkey permit can purchase as many as three turkey game tags during the fall season, valid in Units 2, 3, 5 and 6. During the fall season, both toms and hens may be taken.

The 2013 spring turkey season will begin with the archery, youth/disabled season, April 1-9, and the firearm season will run April 10 - May 31.  This happens to be the time of year when we at shotemandcaughtem love to break out our decoys and start calling in the big boys.  Even though we saw plenty of turkey this fall......when they were not in season we have not got to shoot one this fall so show us what you were able to do this fall on our shotem gallery!


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