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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 22:15

PoleTap Gaining Speed

It seems like just yesterday we had the opportunity to review the new Tackobox Poletap Smartrod design.  As a matter of fact we were one of the first to know it was in existence.  You might remember the article http://www.shotemandcaughtem.com.  So we were delighted to hear that not only had they been featured in the latest issue of Popular Science in the Cool Tech section but that they also had used some of our product photography for their article.  We felt it was a good opportunity to do a little self back pat and to tell PoleTap congratulations.

We were told that the product has already been picked up by Dicks Sporting Goods and by Field and Stream and they are in talks with Walmart.  Though they could not confirm a definite availability date we were assured that the rods will be available nation wide before the beginning of fishing season early next spring.  We wish them the best and hope to have some of their product in our catfishing hands soon. 

Keep posting your fishing glory in the galleries and tell us your story.  Once you start to see the Poletap fishing rod available in your area let us know in the comment section below. 


Friday, 01 February 2013 23:02

Ice Fishing at Pathfinder Reservoir

Recently we at ShotemandCaughtem got the opportunity to go ice fishing for the first time with some experienced ice fisherman and thought we would share the trials and tribulations of our adventure.  We traveled to Pathfinder Reservoir just outside Casper, WY.  Being a native Kansan we had never been ice fishing and felt a little out of our element, but were reassured that we had people along that knew exactly what we needed.  First were the size of the fishing poles.  The ones we pulled out of the truck almost made me laugh since they looked as if they would snap in a New York minute should they hook into a Kansas Flathead.  Then came the "pop ups" that I had never used before.  The pop up works by having a spring loaded flag so that when you get a bite the flag pops up.  Something totally different than the bells we use here in Kansas but a nice visual cue non the less.  We started by drilling 24 holes in the ice since in Wyoming you can have 6 poles per fishing license and drilled thru 10-15 inches of ice (Note:  2 gas powered augers, a total necessity, otherwise we would still be hand drilling weeks later).  Next we set up a couple of clam shelters with chairs and a heater (www.clamoutdoors.com) along with a case of beer for warmth since the temperature at the time was -10 degrees.  Finally came the fun part.....fishing.  

Our objective was to catch delicious rainbow trout.  We loaded our poles with shiners and shrimp and set our pop ups.  We thought the adventure would take some time due to the weather conditions and the fact that we would wait hours for a catfish to hit our line.  Fortunately for us the fish were active.  We still giggle at the site of one another screaming fish-on and running across the ice like deranged Sasquatches due to the 27 layers of clothes needed to stay warm.  To sum up the trip was a blast!  Even though the time it takes to get set up is a little more intense than just baiting a pole and throwing it in the water (why we tend to fish in more in warmer temperatures) we would definitely go out again.  Thanks to Fred, Dustin and Perry for making this a memorable experience and most of all for helping me land this wonderful five pound trout which we are having smoked and I can't wait to try. Let us know how a ice fishing experience went for you by posting a photo to the Caughtem Wall and starting a discussion.