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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:10

Kimber 45 ACP

We at ShotemandCaughtem make sure that we carry a trusted sidearm when out in the field hunting.  Whether we are hunting dove or large game you never know what you might run into when you're out in the field and sometimes a close range weapon can be your best line of defense.  We tend to be a little old school in our outlook and find that the 1911 makes for an ideal platform.  Though limited on the number of bullets in the magazine compared to other platforms, we have found that it's style and versatility makes it a great choice.  Whether across the chest, behind the back or on your side the classic, sleek and elegant look of a 1911 really goes unmatched.  We have found for the money that you can never go wrong choosing a Kimber. We also tend to prefer the 45 ACP round over others for its knockdown power.  Whether it's a skunk in your path or you stumble across something with a bit more bite, the 45 can change it's attitude.  

As for the refinements on the Kimber they go unmatched for the money.  Though it has all the standards of a 1911, Kimber adds custom finishes that make it a great gun to carry and shoot.  Rounded edges all the way around the 1911 as well as the sights prevent snags when you need to access the weapon quickly.  Most of the Kimber line comes with night sights from the factory, a rough grip on both the fore grip and rear of the handle and a beefed up coating process on several lines preventing wear.

For 2013, at the Shot Show, Kimber added 3 new pistols to the line.  The Micro Carry Stainless, Warrior SOC, and the one we wish we could add to our arsenal as soon as possible the Master Carry Pro.  The Master Carry Pro adds all the highlights that came with the Covert series but comes with a high end finish suitable for carrying that would look awesome next to your side whether in the field or in a tuxedo.  To learn more about Kimber visit www.kimberamerica.com.