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The Geico Bassmaster Classic

Our good friends at Berkley Fishing asked us to help spread the word for a great challenge this weekend that could be your winning lottery ticket.  Should you need an excuse to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend Berkley Fishing is giving you the potential to win 100,000 of them should you take on the challenge.  Here are the details.

B.A.S.S., Tulsa Regional Chamber, VisitTulsa, and Grand Lake Association have announced its selection of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees and the Tulsa metro region as the site and host of the 2016 Geico Bassmaster Classic, March 4-6, 2016. It is the 46th edition of sport fishing’s greatest championship and the second to be hosted by the state of Oklahoma.

Daily weigh-ins will be held at BOK Center and Cox Business Center will hold the Classic Outdoors Expo.

To find more details on the Geico Bassmaster Classic click here.

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We at Shotem and Caughtem learned that tommorrow is the start of one of the largest Blue Marlin Fishing Tournaments in the Gulf Coast and thought it was news worthy.  Nothing says fishing like landing one of these fine animals on a rod and reel.  Fighting these fish can take hours of endurance and patience.  So we felt it only right to let others know should they have the opportunity to join the party and see what gets hauled into shore.

One of the largest fishing tournaments on the Gulf Coast kicks off in Orange Beach tonight. 

Dubbed "The Greatest Show in Sport fishing", The Gulf Coast's premier Blue Marlin Grand Championship of the gulf, will open with a welcoming crew party for participants. 

The Brian Hill Band will provide live entertainment and the, Release Marine 'Triple Crown Challenge fighting chair contest will begin. 

This is the second year for the tournament which has sold out all 50 positions in the event. 

Officials say this is the first time since 2005, a major Invitational tournament in the northern gulf has reached sold out status. 

They say the tournament has participants from across the gulf coast, spanning from Louisiana to Tarpon Springs Fla. and as far away as South Carolina, Delaware and the British Virgin Islands.

Officials say team events begin Wednesday, July 10 with team check-ins, seminars, the official tournament rules meetings and an evening street party at the Wharf.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have the opportunity to be apart of this event and as always post your fishing photos to the galleries and tell us your story.

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We at Shotem and Caughtem read the story about a community showing their support of their military men and women's service by hosting a fishing tournament and we felt it was worth repeating.  We have a soft spot in our hearts for supporting our men and women for their service since many of our family members served and currently have brothers and cousins who are serving as we write this blog.  We even order much of our merchandise through the TSAF organization which supports fallen Army Rangers families.  Here are some of the details surrounding this New York community.

Paying tribute to members of the American military for their honorable and selfless service to our country takes many forms. Members of the outdoor community have embraced that patriotic practice, and one of the most remarkable and enduring of such recognitions is the annual Soldiers on the Sound Fluke Fishing Tournament, organized by the Smithtown Bay Yacht Club and supported by VFW Post 395 from St. James. The event, held last Saturday, is one of the most popular activities to be conducted along the North Shore.

A total of 110 servicemen and servicewomen from four branches of the military turned out for the event. Those in attendance represented the Army, Navy, Marines and the renowned 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard based in Westhampton Beach. Many of the soldiers had recently returned from deployment abroad. The "106" had the most robust turnout of personnel since it has the longest standing partnership with the tournament.

Members of the Smithtown Bay Yacht Club, private charter captains and mates volunteered their boats, time and fishing expertise to make this the most expansive and successful fluke tournament thus far. About 50 boats participated in the tournament and hosted teams of angling military personnel. Many other behind-the-scenes folks volunteered their time and skills to coordinate event logistics and a magnificent clambake and buffet.

Tell us about events you might be having in the events section or share your comments below.  

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 16:49

Homedale, Idaho Bow fishing Tournament

Nothing says Shotem and Caughtem better than the Sport of Bow Fishing.  This is how one of our members spent his Memorial Day weekend and we felt it needed a little more spotlight.  The Homedale, Idaho Bow Fishing Carp Tournament was this weekend and one of our members attended.  He gave us some information on his adventure.  The tournament was held on the Snake River and had 18 teams join in the fun.  The tournament uses the entry fees and the fact that they resell the fish back to a fertilizer company to hand out prizes to the top four teams.   Other prizes are also given.  For example, Bob Goodwin's biggest fish shot prize which was the 41.5 pound carp shown in the photo.  He was able to throw an extra 200 dollars in his pocket for his achievements.  The only mishap from the tournament was the fact that the tailgate on the fish hauling trailer broke spilling out two days of dead carp across the parking lot (also shown).  

All in all nothing was more fun than the three friends Bob Goodwin, Brandon Hammer and Tim Peppersack spending their weekend with each other in a good ol fashion Shotem and Caughtem style holiday.  Though they placed fifth out of the 18 teams and missed one of the top four prizes, they did land the biggest fish.  The most important part of the adventure were the good times spent on the water with one another.

If you would like to learn more about bow fishing in Idaho we suggest you take a look at www.idahobowfishingassociation.com

Should you have a unique Shotem and Caughtem experience do not hesitate to email us and share your story.  We will try to make every effort to add it to our blog should you give us the details.  Otherwise add your photos to the gallery and brag on your own.  This is why we are all here at Shotem and Caughtem.  To share, connect and brag!





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Thursday, 28 February 2013 16:45

Cliff Pace wins BassMaster Classic

We at Shotem and Caughtem reported on last weekends Bass Master Classic at Grand Lake in Oklahoma last weekend and wanted to do a follow up.  Cliff Pace won a 500,000 dollar prize with his 54 pound weight in Bass to capture the title.  Even though the water averaged around 36 degrees the tournament still posted some pretty big Bass.

Even when it warmed up, it was still in the low 40-degree range. Fish are coldblooded. They don’t move all that fast when they’re that cold. Look at the weights. It’s incredible.

To get a sense of what that’s like, go to your favorite lake or pond, one that you know is full of keeper-sized bass, and try to catch a limit in water that cold. It’s tough, darn near impossible. Yet, that’s what most of the field did on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees out in Oklahoma last week. That should tell you how good these men really are when it comes to finding bass and then making them bite.

It also says something about Grand Lake. I said a week or so ago that the real winner would be the lake, that this Classic would generate new respect for what Grand Lake is and what it’s capable of producing. 

The man with the largest Bass, Mark Pierce, finished 49th in the field even though he reeled in the 7lb 4oz Bass.  

How says there is not any money in the sport of hunting and fishing when you get a look of the results below.  As always post your photos of your big catch to the Caughtem wall and let us know your story.


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