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Monday, 21 April 2014 18:08

Easter Weekend Celebrated Turkey Hunting

We at Shotem and Caughtem needed a little time in the great outdoors this weekend after spending some quality time with the family.  Nothing can be more frustrating yet calming than sitting waiting to here that most coveted sound than the spring gobble of the Turkey.  We wanted to let you know what the birds seem to be doing so that you might have a more successful spring hunt.

So far it seems from the Turkey movements, getting the big dominant birds to break from the large crowds of hens they are still running with, positioning in the field will be crucial to success.  We were throwing a ton of different calls and tactics and all we seemed to lure to our separate spots were inexperienced Jakes.  Traffic in our area was very good.  As a matter of fact just driving around it seems like there are more birds in our area than years past.  We are sure that the drought has definitely had its effects but in certain spots the birds seem to be thriving.  Most of what we found in our birds was a combination of corn from the feeders that are on the property and wheat.  The only depressing thing we noticed were with the birds still henned up there were not a lot of vocal birds around.  We can not wait to get back in the field and listen to them taught one another.

Let us know how things are doing in your area in the comment section below.  We hope that you will help others to have a successful visit in the field when they take their first adventure into the outdoors for Turkey season.  

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