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Iphone App Issues Noticed by one of our Members

We at Shotem and Caughtem have never been known for our timing.  As a matter of fact if you want to go skunked for awhile both fishing and hunting just launch a social network and app based on it and we can show you that your luck will change for the worst. So when we decided to launch the ShotemCaughtem app last Oct. it was no surprise that Apple Would launch a new phone with a new operating system that would not allow certain functions to work appropriately on the new Iphones.  Luckily for us Android users we had a member point out the flaws a couple of weeks ago.  Lucky for those of you that might have been frustrated by this we are young, you have our apologies and we have our app developers making the necessary updates and will alert you as soon as the new version is up and ready for download.

Other Member Concerns and Questions About Competing Hunting and Fishing Blogs

We unfortunately at this time have other jobs than our social network.  Though we hope to one day be able to focus on the site and all our members full time, at this time we can not.  Our blog is and will be dedicated to news, reviews, gear recipes etc.  However, just is the case with other sites these articles will not be written from our team.  We are hoping to grow the social network side of things so that the blog becomes our advertising revenue stream.  Other people and companies will use our site to communicate with our members and hopefully pay us a little to do so.  So we invite all our members to share their best blog articles to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If we like it we will post it to our blog and share it with our followers and members at no cost right now until we grow.

We want to Change Social Media Websites and Apps

We think there are some great ways to change the way a social media company works.  We want to reward our members and supporters for helping us grow our network.  Not us them to line just our own pockets.  Think of it this way when has Facebook or Twitter ever cut you a check or given you free stuff for posting and being a part of their site?  We hope you help us grow and promise that this will benefit us both in the future when we create the number one place to go if you hunt and fish.

Happy St. Patricks Day from Shotem and Caughtem

Most of all we hope you get out and show your green pride Shotem and Caughtem Style!   

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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 22:55

Get The App

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Monday, 14 April 2014 22:03

It is Hunting and Fishing Season

We at Shotem and Caughtem love this time of year.  Though the climate has been working against us recently with massive temperature swings our favorite time of year is here.  The turkey's are beginning to become a prime target as well as the pre spawn for fishing.  As such we felt it was once again a good time to share what we need from you are members and what we are doing to help make Shotem and Caughtem better.

First let us talk about what we have in store for you, this our second year, as a website.  The most exciting thing for us is that we took your comments to heart and have emptied out our penny jars and began work on an app for both the android and iphone.  We hope to release as soon as we can but it is out of our hands right now.  This will allow our members to more easily access all Shotem and Caughtem has to offer direct from all devices with ease.  Second, we are excited that we have hooked up with some great manufacturers to help bring you our opinions on some great new products from suppliers such as Weston Products, Anglers Choice, Berkley fishing, Stack-On Products and Bering Optics.  We are actively seaking out more and more suppliers to review and any suggestions of what we can do to expand your experience with the website are always reviewed in any comments you our members send or spend the time to write in our comment section or emails.  

Most of what we need from you our members is your activity.  The more active you are on he website the easier it is for us and you to attract more people and more interaction.  As you set up your own groups, tag other members in your picture posts and share your experiences to the discussion boards and ask questions the website will grow and bring more and more people to the fold.  As the website accrues more vital information to our passion the more relevant you and we will become in this industry.   We are still trying to launch the Shotem and Caughtem of the month but have been lacking in those who want to be apart of excitement.  You will also notice the points section above your profile.  We will use these stats to help us identify those who want this site to grow and we will reward your efforts with awesome prizes.  The more you help us grow at Shotem and Caughtem the faster we can focus all our efforts on the site itself and begin to pull away from other social networks, which we are using to draw members.  

Have a blog you want to bounce off of Shotem and Caughtem?  That is why we are here.  To help share all we experience in the great outdoors.  We all can not sit behind a computer when the outdoors is constantly drawing us away.  We try to do as much as we can but we are nothing unless we are able to share this burden with you are members.  

Let us know how we can help you in the comment section below.  Continue to do all you have already done for this site in the first year and help us make our second year even bigger.  Thank you from all of us at Shotem and Caughtem for all your help and efforts.

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Thursday, 03 April 2014 21:49

Hunting vs. Shooting

We at Shotem and Caughtem have been busy little bees.  With spring quickly approaching our need to be outdoors has been great.  Due to these reasons we have not spent much time (our apologies) keeping you a breast of what is happening around the world in the hunting and fishing industry.  So we decided to see what had been written recently around the inter web.  We felt what a great way to start a debate than finding this article about the hunter turned away from the industry because of shooters.  To read the whole article before a short intro to it below and our thoughts check out http://www.spokesman.com/outdoors/stories/2014/apr/03/guest-column-shooters-spoiling-the-sport-of/ 

Here is a brief intro to the article:

Hunting got some scrutiny in this newspaper at last. Washington State has lost more than 16,000 hunters in the last five years, Thomas Clouse noted. On the same page, Rich Landers lamented that we fail to “curb poaching problem.”

Ethical hunters driven from the field by shooters make the two stories converge.

My distinction here, between hunters and shooters, rests on the reverence extended toward game animals and birds. True hunters, indigenous or otherwise, honor prey in various ways. They obey state laws, care for the meat, enhance habitats, and maybe even mumble a prayer.

Shooters, though, they care more about rocking the world off its axis with the firepower they wield.

Environmentalist and author Aldo Leopold characterized the shooter’s impulse as “trigger itch,” a simple craving to blast away. Leopold regretted his trigger itch when he shot a wolf with pups and watched the “fierce green fire” die in her eyes. His honesty endeared him to millions of readers since his “Sand County Almanac” came out in 1949.

To make a full disclosure, I am a born-again non-hunter. I swung guns and drew a lethal bead for thirty years. Finally, though, my heart began to grate and brim over with tender empathy for the dead.

During my spell as a hunter, game habitats shriveled and crashed, an upshot of the human population’s pressures in Washington State where I came of age. I felt my pastime added to the wreckage of sensitive and dwindling species, as shooting had for dodos, bison, passenger pigeons, prairie chickens, sharptail grouse, sage grouse, and so on. But the greatest turnoff came from run-amok shooters.

Shooters deploying technology irresponsibly change the stakes of fair chase. At the same time when wildlife officials are desperate for ways to curtail poachers and their impact on wildlife, manufacturers are enhancing the chances that shooters might score in the great outdoors no matter how unfairly.

Here are just a couple of things we would like to point out that might help bring the author back into the fold.  Hunting and Fishing promotes conservation at its core.  Through the purchasing of tags, licenses and related gear we support an industry that protects what drives us outdoors.  Money is used by these industries to protect wildlife, fuel habitat efforts, reintroduce animals to areas that have lost them, and on and on.  Half the reason the wolf, cougar, bison, elk, antelope and the list continues have began to come back in parts of the United States is through the Wildlife and Parks departments and different non-profit organizations based on different species.  These organizations would not have the means nor the funds without the money we as hunters and fisherman/woman spend.

Many of the reasons the hunt has been burned by shooters we believe is due partly from the lack of access.  More and more land has been taken over by our cities, farming and ranching efforts.  Add into the fact that hunting properties that use to be accessible through relationships have now become cash cows for those doing guided hunts or leasing their ground for an insane amount of money to those hunters from out of state.  

Most of all we want to hear our members comments in the section below so that we can help spread the word.  It is part of the reason we started Shotem and Caughtem.  We want to provide a large community the opportunity and the ability to speak as a whole.  Our mission is to hopefully build a base that gives us the means to continue and support all these great organizations.  So continue to help us build a thriving community of those who hunt and fish!

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We at Shotem and Caughtem hope all our member's have a safe and loving Valentine's Day.  Thank you so much for all your support over this past year.  We can't thank you enough for being apart of our website.  We have some great things in store for you this year and hope that you help us create a wonderful new network of avid outdoorsmen and women.  

Remember nothing says love better than a box of Camo, Ammo or Bait!

Thanks again and Have a wonderful Weekend Outdoors,

Shotem and Caughtem Staff 

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 22:20

Our New Years Resolution is You

We at Shotem and Caughtem have reflected a lot on the first year of our website.  It has been a blessing to have started what we feel is a unique website dedicated to hunting and fishing.  It has all the makings to be a hunter or fisherman/woman's first place to share and connect with others.  A place  where people like Melissa Bachman, Phil Robertson and you our members can feel comfortable sharing their adventures and opinions on the lifestyle to which we dedicate so much time, efforts and money.  A place safe from those who might not agree with the way we choose to live our lives.

That is why our New Years resolution is you.  We promise to dedicate this year to further creating a home for all who enjoy this lifestyle to continue to share their experiences.  Good or bad.  Share with the rest of the world to try and educate and inform on why we do what we do and what we use to do it.  Even share those experiences when things don't go as planned. 

However, inorder to make this the website that you choose to make your home we need your help.  A social network is nothing without you our members.  We need to here from you as to what you need from a great hunting and fishing social network.  So we ask you to help us to continue to make a place you want to be a part. 

We have some great things in store this year and hope you help us to continue our dream of creating the first and foremost hunting and fishing community.  So become a member and help us shape this brave new world on the web.  Happy New Years.  Make it a safe and joyous year outdoors!

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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 17:49

A Passion for Hunting and Fishing

So we at Shotem and Caughtem last night needed a break from our normal world and relax a little.  We decided to partake in a little rest and relaxation away from Mother Nature and attend the Eagles concert here in town.  Now bare with us for a minute cause it all relates to the hunting and fishing community.  All I can say is wow.  After over 40 years in the music industrial the band from the Eagles has not lost one step.  Voices, harmonies, and great riffs all made for the perfect evening.  What caught my attention the most was the band, most of which have to be in their early sixties, were having an absolute blast.  

We were immediately reminded of what takes us out into the Great Outdoors, time and time again.  Just this last weekend we found a unique hidden gem.  A cool old barn perched perfectly in an absolutely breathtaking angle with the perfect sunset.  And that is when the two worlds collided.  It is a passion and love for what we do that makes us so excited to see where this website could end up.  Could we become the ultimate place for hunters and fisherman/woman around the world come to share their adventures.  Great or small they all add up to one common thread.  An appreciation and connection to all we have the chance to see and discover in mother nature.  Best of all it never gets old!

For those of us devoted outdoorsman/woman it is so much more than the kill.  We never even saw one animal close enough in range but that sunset was all we needed to take away from that day.  It is what takes us out time and time again.  You never know what you might see and experience or Shotem and Caughtem!  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and keep posting your adventures to the galleries so that we can brag together.


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We at Shotem and Caughtem wanted to celebrate the successes of the website so far and inform others of all the benefits it has to offer those who love the great outdoors.  Shotem and Caughtem is so much more than just a bragging wall for all your adventures, gear and mishaps.  Once a member of this great social network you have the ability to house all your hunting and fishing photos, create groups with just your friends, create discussions to get others feedback all while in an open community to allow you to connect with anyone in the entire community.

Just think of the possibilities!  Want to go hunting in South Africa?  We have a member that has grown up there her whole life and loves to hunt and fish.  She has been a great resource to ask questions on the subject of sustainable hunting in a region where poaching is a norm.  She is also a woman who provides a different perspective to the hunting world just like another member of ours Candace.  Her work on informing more woman about the exciting world has been impressive.  She hopes to become a great advocate for woman and hunting and has also been a great resource for our community on Shotem and Caughtem.  

In just eight months we can not be more pleased with how things have progressed.  We are adding more and more new people everyday.  We feel blessed that many of our members have become such great friends as well as assets.  We hope you bring more people into the scope so that we may increase the great community we are working so hard to create.  

Come help us create a great community you too would like to call your hunting and fishing home.  Leave us your ideas in the comment section below and let us know how we can help you increase your experience on our site.  Hope you have a great Shotem and Caughtem Weekend!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 23:03

Hunting and Fishing Website

We at Shotem and Caughtem have just made a great change to the website.  We have made it so that you can create your own link to your gallery, posts, photos and content within the website.  Example: www.shotemandcaughtem.com/chauncey

If you are already a member it defaulted to your user name.  Should you want to change this just login to your account.  Access your profile and click on the profile tab.  In the green bar at the top right of your profile you will see Profile URL your user name and a tab to the right of your name.  Click on the tab and you can change your account name.  This will then allow you to direct friends and family directly to all your posts, photos and content.  What a great way to brag to your hunting and fishing buddies when you can say "just go to www.shotemandcaughtem.com/longshot

Tell us your thoughts on the new change in the comment section below or just hit us with your own Shotem and Caughtem URL.

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